How to use email marketing to reduce cart abandonment

How to use email marketing to reduce cart abandonment


Abandoning a cart does not mean that a customer is lost. You can turn it into an opportunity, staying in contact with them and applying some strategic email marketing solution to convince the customer to complete their purchase.

Why do shoppers abandon carts?

1. Cart abandonment number.jpg

Cart abandonment number

In order to find out how to reduce cart abandonment as well as to resolve this issue, you should know why the customers leave their shopping carts. Here are some common reasons for abandoned cart:

  • No discount offered;
  • Long shipping or unclear shipping time;
  • Complicated check-out process;
  • Online payment security;
  • Need to re-enter credit card information;
  • Poor mobile app performance;
  • Sign in or create an account prior to purchasing;
  • Undesirable refund/return policies.

How to use email marketing?

Now, it is time to tackle this headache problem. The results of recent surveys reveal that 45% of cart-abandoned-reminding emails are opened and the email click-through rate is about 21% on average. Let apply this email marketing to resonate with visitors and boost conversions!

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Reminding left item

  • Strategy for products: Lowering the cost of products does not always bring positive results, you might take the following tips into consideration: Replicate the left items in the email and exactly depict the abandoned cart; Show suggestion of similar in-stock items at a lower price; Offer coupons, discount, free items if the customers reach a certain cart spend;
  • Special shipping solution: Offer faster shipping, lower shipping rate for registering or subscribing.
  • Facilitate purchase: allow your customers to complete purchase by one-click
  • Tricky subject line: evoking the audience's emotions by a killer subject line such as: “You don’t want to miss out on these!” or “Well well well, you might forget something!”, “Special discount today!”, etc. Funny and light-spirited subject lines can get your audiences to open the email, increase click-through rate and potentially generate a purchase.

3. Killing subject line.png

Killing subject line

Recommended schedule of email distribution

Email #1: cart reminder email: this email will be sent to remind shoppers that their cart is still available even if they do not return your site to check out within an hour.

Email #2: Follow-up reminder: this email will be sent after 24 hours after the first one. If possible, try to apply the above strategies to encourage customers back to your store.

Email #3: Promotional incentive email: this email should be sent after 7 days since the cart is abandoned. Including all discounts, coupons of gifts that you can offer in this email as it is the last best chance to purchase.

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Sending discount code

Email marketing can significantly reduce cart abandonment loss, just take time, set up, regularly test and adjust your reminder email properly. This will not only open the door to get customers back but also engage them in a long-term relationship.

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