How to write good descriptions for your products

How to write good descriptions for your products


The description is the last step of the sales funnel to persuade your customers to buy your products. A piece of pushy praise from product details will appeal and reassure them of the beliefs which they already had on visiting your eCommerce site. And writing a good description is such a pressure work, let’s check out the tactics to have a product description that can sell!

“Be just enough”

It is obvious that your customers are not comfortable to scan a long and boring report of the products, they can straightly close the tab of your online store and move to a store presenting enough crucial information. So, the rules on writing a product's description must be “just enough”. Focus on the essential information such as materials, alternative uses, key features, the possible technical issues that customers might deal with or a bit of recommendation on how to keep the products unharmed.

1. Show necessary information of the products.png

Show necessary information about the products

No matter what you might be targeting, keep in mind to answer the fundamental questions such as “What distinguishes your products from the others? What can persuade the customers to choose your products? How does your service create positive impacts on the customer’s experience?”. Stood on your customer’s shoes to provide the product information


2. Simple, appropriate and factual language.png

Simple, appropriate and factual language

A good description must have an appropriate language suited to your brand’s communication strategy, for example, a light-hearted and funny tone will be ideal for playful products or a decorous style is the perfect match for furniture or interior store. Images passively display products' appearance, however, an interesting description with a suitable style will stimulate the imagination of the customers, keep customers stay on your site longer and potentially make an order.

Same structure and template

The suggested template, as our expert’s opinions, should have the most essential information such as manufacturer and product application placed at the beginning, other aspects will be included in the short and concise paragraphs, 4-6 lines in each.

3. Well-mannered format of product details.png

Well-mannered format of product details

A uniform structure and template will cause positive impacts on the shopper experience, they can save time on figuring out what to expect and focus on reading your description. Furthermore, it can be great evidence of your attempt to create a well-thought-out structure for your eCommerce site.


Before writing descriptions, research of the keywords and key phrases is very important from a marketing point of view. With the match sales phrases placed in the headers, your products might come up in the Google search results. But remember to use grammatical-correct wording and natural keywords and not to mix up, they need to match with the context genuinely.

Last but not least, don’t be a copycat otherwise Google might define your site as a spam page!

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