Hura Apps: A Quick Introduction to New Visitors

Hura Apps: A Quick Introduction to New Visitors

Hura Apps: A Quick Introduction to New Visitors

Understanding that technology might be big trouble to some merchants, Shopify has offered two useful services called “Shopify Partners” and “Shopify Experts”. Depending on what you need and how much money you have, Shopify will connect you with the most suitable professor in the world, making sure that your store will be designed 100% as you would like.

Today, we would like to introduce Hura Apps - a Shopify Expert with a reasonable fee but still offer the best service for you and your online store. Check it below!

About Hura Apps

Marking the establishment in 2014 and being officially recognized as Shopify Expert in 2019, Hura Apps is a web development agency in Vietnam and has recently become a branch of 2B I/O. With a group of enthusiastic and skillful IT experts, Hura Apps has done lots of projects at a favorable price, truly as what it claims: “Hura Apps: World-class products for global markets”. 

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As a Shopify Expert, Hura Apps mainly aims at small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses. It provides services related to store set-up and development & troubleshooting, such as custom code, build bundle and subscription, custom website, and so on… In addition, Hura Apps is a Shopify Partner as well, with many outstanding apps published and downloaded on Shopify App Store. 

Besides Shopify, Hura Apps is also a partner of RechargeTemplate MonsterZemez, and LitExtension.

Hura Apps Feature Projects

#1. Floatton

2. Floatton.png

Floatton allows you to make sticky floating link buttons so that browsers will find it easier to view content throughout the store. For example, you can add a social network sharing button, the “Go to cart” button, or the “Scroll to top” button,… Small but quite convenient, isn’t it? 

#2 Hura Collection Embedder

3. Hura Collection Embedder.png

Focusing on simplicity, this app lets you display products in a grid view mode. Products could be added wherever you like: in the blog post, product details page, index page, and so on...

#3 Hura Album

4. Hura Album.png

If you want to show your Facebook album to viewers on Shopify, here is the app for you! With Hura Album, you just need to choose a Facebook album, set the place you want to display it, and the album will be shown on your website as a slideshow or gallery. Moreover, as the app directs images from Facebook’s server, you can not only save the hosting space but also maintain the page load of your site.

#4 Hura FB Messenger

5. Hura FB Messenger.png

We all know about the popularity of Facebook Messenger, and that it’s a good way to attract customers to an online shop. Hura FB Messenger will integrate your Shopify store with the Facebook Chat widget; so that if visitors send messages via Messenger, it will go to your Facebook page’s inbox. After that, your response will go inside the customers’ Facebook Messenger app.

There is no limit on the space of message history or the number of messages you can receive a day. To make it better, Hura FB Messenger also invites browsers to like your Facebook Page. 

#5 Hura Tips

6. Hura Tips.png

As the name suggests, Hura Tips is a blog that shares every tip related to Shopify, specializing in online business, marketing, and programming. Try visiting it and you might come across something you need for your online store!

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