Important tips to get your customers come back to your store

Important tips to get your customers come back to your store


In business, there is a term called “customer retention” which refers to the process of making a one-time shopper into a regular. Keeping old customers not only helps you save money but also generates great profits in the long term.

Customer retention is not as difficult as you imagine. Here are some easy tips everyone could do to make customers come back to their store. Check it below!

Make Your Site Attractive

Obviously, no one wants to visit an ugly-designed website for the second time. It is said that a user decides to buy something just within 3 seconds, so your online store’s appearance is of great importance to arouse and maintain their interest.

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With a visually attractive store, you will have more chances to retain customers than a plain, normal one.

Develop The Loyalty Program

Everyone likes gifts, no matter how small they are. A Loyalty Program gives customers the feeling that they are appreciated, therefore encourages them to consider your products again in the future.

For people who have made purchases in your store, you could let them take a quick peek at new products, provide them with free shipping, or give them a discount code. Turning the thank-you into action will satisfy a large number of shoppers and make them loyal to your store.

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Be Active On Social Media

Never let customers forget your store’s existence. One way to prevent that is being active on social media, especially when most of them are free of charge and the networks are filled with users all over the world.

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Here are some ways to capture the attention of social users:

  • Keep posting regularly (at least once a day), but don’t spam
  • Involve the potential consumers by asking them questions, or replying to their comments…
  • Pay attention to Pinterest and Facebook since their traffic is 55% and 25%, respectively
  • Make use of graphics to make your posts more lively

Utilize Email Marketing

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Like social media, email plays an important role in reminding your customers of your store. According to a survey of Epsilon Branding, 54% of users prefer the companies which update through email to those who don’t. This static shows how crucial and powerful email marketing is, contrary to the belief that email has become old-fashioned recently.

The email you send can be about promotions, new products or recommended goods based on readers’ purchase history. You can also send emails to inactive subscribers, inviting them to do some surveys or offer them discount coupons to re-engage them again.

Show Your Responsibility For Society

Some customers belong to the Caring Group - which means they put social benefits above many things. You being responsible for society, in this case, will leave a favorable impression on them.

Take Patagonia for example. It is a clothing company that develops many “green” programs like Worn Wear, Patagonia Action Works, and even launches a fund for the environment. Choosing Patagonia means customers have done something for society - they feel good and they will surely stick to this brand for a long time.

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