Low cost and free way to promote your business

Low cost and free way to promote your business


Promoting your business is the critical point of success. You might be advised to pour money into Facebook ads, Instagram promotion or other advertising ways, however, this is an expensive solution. We are here to offer you the free and low-cost tactics to get website traffic, enhance brand reputation and ultimately make sales.

Build a website

1. Build your functional and aesthetic website.jpg

Build your professional and aesthetic website

The Internet is very popular now, to promote your reputation or business, you’d better create your own company website, run and keep it visibly and professionally. Spending a few pounds per year can cause incredible effects; you might join the battle of the rank on search results but it will bring a sense of safety, professionalism and trustworthiness to your audiences.

Social media platforms

2. Business account on social media.jpg

Creating a business account on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter will not only help you to reach further audiences but also indirectly improve your brand awareness economically. The latest collections, product images or promotion programs will be updated freely on your accounts and become viral through word of mouth.

Email marketing

3. Professional email marketing strategy.jpg

Professional email marketing strategy

Email marketing is a free but functioning way to formally reach your potential audiences. Usually, you will build a list of customers who might want to receive your emails, they can be your old customers, the audiences who subscribe on your website or store’s members. Your email might be about coupons, special sale information or even cart abandonment. However, this strategy sometimes might be considered spam, so remember to let your customers un-subscribe whenever they want.

Enable Shopping on Instagram

4. Effective Instagram product’s tags.png

Effective Instagram product’s tags

The most seamless method to blend e-commerce and Instagram is to add virtual tags on the product photos. Stickers or shopping tags can be inserted into your In-Stories or product’s image, then the customers can tap, view the product's price and purchase easily.

Google search

5. How Google search ranking works.png

How Google search ranking works

SEO is one of the most efficient ways to drive traffic and get sales for all e-commerce businesses. It is estimated that about 35% of total traffic and relatively 30% of revenue are created by Google search results, the higher rank your website has, the more chance your products can interact with the audiences. The problem is that not all businesses, in particular small businesses, can afford search engine optimization, use the tips to optimize your rank on Google in this article: SEO tips for your Shopify store to rank higher on Google.

Interactive content

6. Boost audience engagement with interactive content.jpg

Boost audience engagement with interactive content

Provoking your audiences with interactive content such as a quiz that uncovers something about personality or knowledge is a great way to boost your reputation on social media. They are compelled by the quiz results and eager to share as to reflect themselves, and at that moment, they have become one of your marketers.

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