Most influential and interesting e-commerce experts you should be following

Most influential and interesting e-commerce experts you should be following


Keeping updated with every single movement of the fierce e-commerce market is an essential element to be successful. In addition to the information on product performance, e-commerce expansion, competitor development, or global changes, we bring you the list of the most influential and interesting e-commerce experts to follow in the industry.

Andrew Youderian

1. Founder of eCommerce Fuel.png

Founder of e-commerce fuel

Andrew Youderian is the founder of E-commerce Fuel and Right Channel Radios. He quit his job in 2012 and built his own e-commerce store – Right Channel Radios which has achieved $1 million of revenue a year and growing up ever since. While his private community - eCommerceFuel is a house of six-figure merchants and owns a forum of about 700 experienced and top-notch e-commerce masterminds.

Twitter: @youderian

Steve Chou

2. Steve Chou.jpg

His bachelor’s and master’s degree from Stanford University in electrical engineering cannot stop his entrepreneur dream. Steve Chou and his wife quit their job, started their “Bumblebee Linens” and earned $100,000 sales for the first year, this number keeps rising until now. His private e-commerce course – Profitable Online Store – has supported over 2,000 young people growing their own business. He also shares his experiences with which is stably visited by 200,000 readers a month.

Twitter: @mywifequit

Mark Hayes

3. Mark Hayes – Head of PR at Shopify.jpeg

Mark is a well-known expert in marketing, social media, communication and pinball. He is the author of the “The Ultimate DropShipping Guide” and currently, head of communication of Shopify, in charge of the high-quality e-commerce content of Shopify.

Twitter: @allsop8184

Linda Bustos

4. Linda Bustos.png

Linda Bustos is successful with Get Elastic which has over 20,000 daily readers. Linda is now the Director of Ecommerce Research at Elastic Path and responsible for the blog of Get Elastic. She was one of 30 direct marketers under 30 that received awards from DMNews.

Twitter: @lindabustos

Bryan Eisenberg

6. Bryan Eisenberg.jpg

Besides co-founder and CMO of Ideal Spot or Web Analytics Association, Bryan is the author of several books such as “Call to action”, “Always be testing”. He has significantly contributed to the development in sales, engagement and online conversions of giant companies such as HP, Google, Dell, NBC and so on. Bryan is also a member of the advisory board of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and plenty of venture capital-backed startup companies.

Twitter: @TheGrok

Danny Sullivan

6. Danny Sullivan.jpg

Danny is the author of “A Webmaster’s guide to Search Engines”. Sullivan has served as reporter for Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register and BBC. His recent outstanding achievement is the Search Engine land attracting about 15% of the global advertising market.

Twitter: @dannysullivan

The above experts periodically update their blogs or Twitter with clever approaches and choices that you can learn new opportunities and apply for your business.

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