New ideas for graphic design this 2021

New ideas for graphic design this 2021


New year, new opportunities to freshen your designs up. In this article, there will be several graphic design trends that could be used for print-on-demand products and also applied to decorate your site and social media posts.

Check it below and feel free to choose the most suitable ideas for you!

Idea 1: Sustainability

More and more people are concerned about global warming, leading to the demand for eco-friendly products increasing rapidly. If you can’t substitute your products with any greener material, you can show your sustainable attitude through the design. Choosing green or brown as the leading color, and featuring some natural elements like plants, flowers, or soil… are some ways to add “green” elements to your design.

Below is an example of how Botanica shows its great care for the environment:

1. An Eco-Friendly Design Of Botanica.jpeg

Idea 2: Photography

“Image speaks louder than words”, and beautiful photography always catches the audiences’ attention at the first glance. You can print those wonderful photos on posters, canvas, or even print-on-demand products like T-shirts and mousepads…

If you are selling outdoor products, you can make use of the natural background with your products besides, like Mondraker once did in this photo:

2. The Use Of Photography In Mondraker_s Design.jpg

Idea 3: Typography

Using only big letters sounds a little bit boring, but you can make it more lively by lettering fun colors and 3D design. Typography is risky but unique, and it is predicted that chaotic text designs will be a trend in 2021.

3. A Creative Design With Typography.jpg

You can browse Google Fonts for inspiration and there will also be many free fonts available for you to use.

Idea 4: Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are one of the top trends this year. This funny design is most suitable for embroidery, especially when embroidered on hats, T-shirts, bags, or cushions…

4. Some Products Featuring Geometric Shapes.jpg

Geometric shapes can appear on your logo as well. Keep the design simple and you will have more space for color and other decorations.

Idea 5: 3D Patterns

Nowadays, 3D patterns are not only for professionals anymore. With the help of innumerable tools like Figma or Dimensions CC, a person can create 3D design quickly without any troubles. Furthermore, if you have already owned some 2D designs, it’s also possible to convert them to a funny and fashionable 3D look.

3D patterns can be used on the website, or put on print-on-demand products like some examples below:

5. A 3D Bag Made By Nucleus Portland.png

Note: No matter what trend you choose, your design must be original and have never appeared elsewhere before. This will prevent you from lawsuit problems and show how professional and reliable your brand is.

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