New stickers for World Emoji Day on Super Watermarks

New stickers for World Emoji Day on Super Watermarks

17th July is deemed to be a global celebration of emojis. If you don’t remember, take a look at the marketing calendar again, it’s time to do something special for your customers. Let’s take a moment to thank the icons for making life way too easier.

To celebrate World Emoji Day, Super Watermarks just released new sets of stickers.


When the product image has something that you don’t like, or you just sell one product only but the image is showing too much, instead of spending a lot of time editing it with complicated tools, you can simply use these stickers to hide them. Even simpler, you can use them for decoration purposes only.

More than that, this Sunday is American Ice Cream Day, to celebrate it, a set of ice cream stickers has just been released on Super Watermarks. It’s already the middle of July, what could be better than embellishing your store with these eye-catching ice cream stickers?


Explore these really cool stickers right now at Super Watermarks.

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