Optimize organic social media strategy for your brand

Optimize organic social media strategy for your brand


Organic social media is an efficient method to grow social channels and engage customers. Consistently and organically optimize your social store account will flourish brand loyalty, SEO and indeed increase profit. Following are some tactics to navigate your social media and optimize your organic strategy.

Understand the target audience

1. Audiences Targeting.png

Audiences Targeting

This is the fundamental practice prior to any organic social media strategy. Surveying and analyzing the audience’s interest, their activities, their favorite websites or social network sites can clarify the channels and contents you must utilize. At the same time, you can refer to the analyses of your competitors, partners or research to adequately comprehend the actual audience’s pursuit.

Investment in content, profile and visual products

2. Social media profile example.png

Social media profile example

Optimizing your profile photos, logo and video proves that you seriously and dedicatedly establish and run your business while the unique contents produced by your dedicated team will make your store outstanding. Focus on the elements that the audience might be confused about and make them creative to grab the attention first prior to promoting your products.

Utilize social networking sites

3. Social marketing to boost traffic.jpg

Social marketing to boost traffic

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, etc can be pretty useful for your media strategy. Let’s see what benefits you might archive from these sites. Facebook offers both organically and through paid social engagement, LinkedIn is the prime land for professional B2B marketers since the rate of visitor-to-lead conversion is 277% higher than Facebook or Twitter. On the other hand, Instagram is an appealing option if you are aiming at the young generations. If you want a truthful answer of any matter, as a community-driven platform, Quora will help to find the answers and feedback.

Marketing automation tool

4. Recommended marketing automation tool.jpg

Recommended marketing automation tool

When your organic social media strategy is ready, it is not a good idea to run manually. There is plenty of automation-based marketing software to use. You can set schedule posts, manage post engagement, monitor your brand’s performance or even control ads with just a single marketing tool. Some tools integrate analytics or email nurturing sequence function, so you can assure that your strategy is under close control.

Keep eyes on progress

5. Marketing strategy report example.png

Marketing strategy report example

Don’t forget to track the performance of your organic media strategy! Analyzing audience growth, visits and customers from social media, interactions or engagement will promptly help you understand what content is driving engagement and what you have to adjust for better results in the future.

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