Perfect your merchandising tactic with product badges

Perfect your merchandising tactic with product badges

Have you ever heard of product badges or wondered what benefits can you achieve on pinning a badge on the products? Product badges actually are the “virtual stickers” inserted into the offerings of an online store to draw attention to special information. In a nutshell, you can use product badges as a subtle nudge to push the customers to take action.

The importance of product labels

1. Example of product badges.png

Example of product badges

Merchants use product badges to attract directly the attention of the customers on the target. You are running a special discount during black Friday or executing special Christmas collections, badges will help you to display this message on your product and store images. In other words, product badges say “Urgent! It is time to buy. Go fast”. Or you just need to prevent your product’s images from being stolen or “reused” on your rival’s stores, product badges are there to assist. In short, product badges can help you to:

  • Navigate the customers on the products they are seeking for;
  • Highlight the on sale or discount products;
  • Urge audiences to make purchase decisions;
  • Creatively and sensibly educate the audiences;
  • Protect intellectual property, affirming product’s trustworthiness.
  • Refresh online stores with a festive vibe.

Under what circumstances that product badges can take effect?

2. Product badging goals.png

Product badging goals

Research proves that about 15% of conversions and about 148% of customer engagement have risen thanks to product badging. Here are typical types of badges that you might consider to use for your stores:

  • Discount percentages: you are offering a discount during Christmas, Valentine or ThanksGiving, a badge showing discount percentages can be added to the product images.
  • New or hot items: introducing your audiences to the latest collections or best-selling items can be simplified with badges.
  • Watermark: unique badges of your own brand will help you avoid copycats.

How can you add product badges?

3. Super Watermarks – Badges.png

Super Watermarks – Badges

Most e-commerce platforms offer apps in order that merchants can add badges to their products. BigCommerce has Supr Product Badges and Labels, Woo Commerce has YITH WooCommerce Badge Management, and Super Watermarks – Badges is available on Shopify App Store. Most of these apps provide you with a variety of badge designs exclusively for every single holiday as well as allow you to customize badge position and dimensions, show or hide badges.

Badges can be added to all offerings with all purposes like sale-only, non-sales, out-of-stock, trending, best-selling or new arrival. In the context that the competition for attention is becoming intense every day, assuring the product’s quality is just not enough to satisfy customers. It can be more impressive if you can give something that your customers can long for and always keep them updated with the latest information of your store. And product badging will help you do that!

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