Selling on Shopify: Tips for growing your shop online

Selling on Shopify: Tips for growing your shop online


Shopify is a sophisticated e-commerce platform which allows you to start your business without a single code. But growing sales on your Shopify will not occur on their own. Here are some tips for increasing your Shopify store efficiently.

Facebook and Instagram integration

Integrating your Shopify store with social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can do more than your expectation. Facebook is the ideal place to run influencer marketing strategy. Indicate the influencers who share the same value with your products and use interactive content such as challenges or quizzes (whatever you do, just make sure that it is creative and sounds natural.

1. Instagram shoppable with Shopify.jpg

Instagram shoppable with Shopify

On the other hand, Instagram offers visual nature which can display and resonate your products with the audience. Some tips to increase sales on Instagram are: adding hashtags, engaging followers of similar brands, interacting with comments and running give-away or contests to attract more followers and generate sales.


2. Example of Infographic.png

Example of Infographic

Images and videos can generate the first positive impression of your brand, product description and texts will decide whether the product is purchased or not. An infographic can do both in one format. Infographic enables you to shortly and sufficiently create personal physical interaction with your customers and engage them with numbers and facts. You can sharpen your marketing program by telling a story which is relevant to your customer’s interest and simultaneously prove that your products will be a solution to their problems. When an emotional and personal connection is formed between your Shopify store and shoppers, widen profit margin is no longer a matter.

Email – old but gold fashion

3. Stay in contacts with the customers by email.jpg

Stay in contacts with the customers by email

Email is an ever-faithful method to keep in contact with your customers. Greeting on the first visit, reminders of abandoned carts or promotion codes sent by email will positively reveal that your Shopify store is professional and genuinely cares for the customers.

To facilitate email marketing strategy, you better categorize customers' interest and concerns based on their purchasing history or abandon-cart products. The more effort, the better results. Investigating time and the brain will lead to revenue growth.

Live chat and Chatbot

4. Use the power of live chat to stimulate sales.jpg

Use the power of live chat to stimulate sales

Don’t make the customer feel that your Shopify only focuses on selling products and earning money. Live chat and Chatbot will eliminate the huge computer-generated space between the customers and your store. Visitors can be converted into customers simply by instant customer support or automated welcome message. While they are hesitating due to product usage, material or delivery options, instant customer support will be enormously potential to stimulate them to reach the last stage.

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