SEO tips for your Shopify store to rank higher on Google

SEO tips for your Shopify store to rank higher on Google


Not a single businessman can deny the importance of the shop’s ranking in search engines. The higher rank you achieve, the more traffic is boosted in your online store.

Here are some SEO tips to help you attain a superior rank in search engines, especially on Google. Check it below!

Optimize The Site Structure

How you organize your page plays a crucial role in SEO success. Make it as simple as possible and don’t bombard viewers with innumerable categories and subcategories. Only by that way can shoppers find what they need quickly and stay at your page longer, leading to your shop’s higher rank on search engines.

Take a look at two examples of SEO-friendly structures on Shopify:

  • Homepage -> Category -> Product Pages
  • Homepage -> Category -> Sub-Category -> Product Pages

1. SEO-friendly Structure.png

Besides, About Us and Contact Page are important too as they show your credibility to not only viewers but also search engines. Remember to include a search bar as well so that your customers’ finding products will become much more convenient.

2. Search Bar.jpg

Develop User Experience

There are several ways to make viewers feel good, one of which is speeding up your site. To achieve that, you can:

  • Minimize the photo size
  • Utilize mobile-friendly themes
  • Get rid of unnecessary apps
  • Avoid using image sliders

Besides, responsive design (a design that makes your store look wonderful on every kind of device) is a must too. It will lengthen the time shoppers stay at your page and because “dwell time” is a standard for Google to judge a site’s value, this will improve the ranking of your Shopify store a lot.

Choose Right Keywords

3. Choose Right Keywords.png

It would be a great mistake if we skip keywords - the basis of SEO achievement. However, looking for the right keywords is not easy. If you are stuck with this task, put some advanced tools aside and imagine that you’re the buyer. What words will YOU make to find the products?

You can also find the list of keywords from:

  • Forums related to your products
  • Hashtags related to your products on social media
  • Descriptions on your rivals’ site

After that, make use of keyword research tools to confirm and add other keywords to the list.

Get Backlinks For Your Shop

4. Get Links For Your Shop.png

Search engines use backlinks to check the value of your site to the wider community. Here are some ways you could do to get links for your shop:

  • If you are a retailer of a company, ask suppliers if they could link to your shop
  • If you are mentioned somewhere, ask them if they could link to your shop with every mention
  • If there are broken links similar to what you sell, ask the site owner if they could replace those with your link

Pay Attention To Content Marketing

5. Pay Attention To Content Marketing.jpg

Last but not least, content is a method to introduce your brand to potential customers. However, many users pay too much attention to product catalogs that they forget the importance of original content - usually demonstrated through blog posts.

Research has shown that sites with informative and detailed posts work very well in search. Moreover, it can rank for more keywords while helping us get more backlinks at the same time.

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