Shopify vs Shopify Plus: Consider for your ecommerce business

Shopify vs Shopify Plus: Consider for your ecommerce business


The number of e-commerce platforms is reaching a new peak due to the prevalence of the Internet. Among thousands of these, Shopify and Shopify Plus are praised as two significant platforms that can entirely satisfy customer’s demands. If you are looking for an e-commerce platform or considering taking a leap from Shopify to Shopify Plus, we are here to help.


Shopify is the complete e-commerce platform that merchants can create and control their business website. On the other hand, Shopify Plus is still Shopify but advanced with some functionalities. In general, Shopify is preferred by the smaller business while Shopify Plus works mostly for the retailers with high sales revenue.


1. Diversity of themes and design offered in Shopify and Shopify Plus.png.jpg

Diversity of themes and design offered in Shopify and Shopify Plus

Both Shopify and Shopify Plus allow you to create, run and grow your eCommerce stores with no coding skills needed. Hundreds of themes and over 2,500 apps offered by Shopify and Shopify plus can ensure that you will own a distinguished website. The basic features like payment process, order management or report export are all available on two platforms.


Even though there are plenty of differences between the two platforms, we would like to focus on three criteria that might greatly affect your decision.


2. Outstanding features of Shopify Plus.jpg

Outstanding features of Shopify Plus

Shopify can totally handle tons of web traffic; however, it is not guaranteed. Shopify Plus can provide multi-channel selling capacities and be able to assure 10,000 transactions a minute, which would be beneficial for stores with large-scale stores.


3. Shopify Flow of Shopify Plus.jpg

Shopify Flow of Shopify Plus

Shopify offers the fundamental functions such as customer service and support, layout and design customization, social networking site and app integration whilst Shopify Plus enables you to upgrade your store. With Shopify Plus, you can adjust the check-out process to be more intuitive and seamless, update inventory quantity or even allow the customer to do payment on-site. Your store can be integrated with Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram in order that you can directly show and sell on these sites. Especially, expanding your business to wholesale or B2B commerce will be easier when you use Shopify Plus. Shopify allows you to create two staff accounts but this number of Shopify Plus is 15.

Shortly, compared to Shopify, Shopify Plus offers extra integrations, delight features, advanced supports and more.


4. Monthly price of Basic Shopify, Shopify, Advanced Shopify.jpg

The monthly price of Basic Shopify, Shopify, Advanced Shopify

This is the price that Shopify and Shopify Plus will cost you.

Additionally, if you use Shopify, you will pay 2.9% per transaction for an online credit card and 2% additional fee for third-party payment instead of Shopify Payment.

On the other hand, with Shopify Plus you will pay $2,000 USD a month until your revenue exceeds $800,000 a month, you will pay 0.25% of monthly revenue. The transaction fees are also required, varying from 1.9% to 2.3 according to the country of your credit card. If you use third-party payment, you will have to pay 5% additional fee.

What is the right option for your business?

Let’s consider the following criteria:

  • Staff number: if you have more than 15 people, Shopify Plus will be preferred to Shopify. If the dashboard limits the number of team members that can access, you might fail to fulfill the orders timely or utilize sales channels and marketplaces.
  • Wholesales or millions of annual revenues: Shopify Plus offers particular functions that run smoothly for wholesales and high-revenue shops. You can experience unique functionalities, one-on-one support and focus on the store rather than concern about technical stuff.
  • International sales: languages and currencies critically affect buying habits and behaviors. Shopify is not capable of moving smoothly across multiple geographies. If you are aiming to expand your eCommerce crossing borders, Shopify Plus will save your time on creating store versions according to geography.

Shopify or Shopify Plus are all advantageous to e-commerce. By the above argument, in short, Shopify is a smart option for small and medium businesses with affordable cost and operational effectiveness. Shopify Plus is ideal for enterprise business with a lot of prime functions necessary for enormous business.

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