Some growth hacking tools for e-commerce

Some growth hacking tools for e-commerce


Besides skills and knowledge, a growth hacker also needs some tools to support him/ her. That’s the reason why this article is born! In this article, we would like to show you several hacking tools that assist you a lot with marketing processes. Check it below!


1. Ahrefs.png

You are flooded with tons of marketing tips on the Internet and don’t know what to choose? You are wondering why your competitors’ business flourishes that much while your sales couldn’t improve from month to month? With a fee of $99 for Lite and $179 for Standard, Ahrefs will help you answer those questions.

Thanks to Ahrefs, you can uncover the marketing strategies of other shop owners and then apply them to your business. This tool shows you what boosts your rivals’ organic traffic, what links your rivals have used recently, and who links to your rivals (but not to you).

Keywords Everywhere

2. Keywords Everywhere.png

Crucial as it might be, keyword research is always an exhausting and tiresome job a growth hacker has ever done. It requires them to wait for data, use many tools at the same time, recheck carefully and conduct other time-consuming activities that no one wants to think about.

Fortunately, things will be solved easily by Keywords Everywhere. This free Chrome extension shows you search volume, CPC (cost-per-click) and competition data on many websites like Google, Youtube and more…


3. KingSumo.png

Email Marketing is not foreign to growth hackers, but not everyone can conquer this tactic. Most of them fail right from the first step - the building-up-the-email-list step. The question is: How could we collect emails from potential customers? In our opinion, it is the giveaways that attract people the most!

KingSumo is an app that helps you conduct those viral giveaways. To make it better, KingSumo requires no charge from users as well! Such a good tool to miss, isn’t it?


4. Lumen5.jpg

Have you ever come across social media videos on Twitter and wished you could do that as well? But unluckily, you are an amateur and know nothing about technical problems?

Don’t worry since we have Lumen5 for you! This app is designed to transform blog posts into lively and exciting videos. Besides, Lumen5 only costs you $49/ month - quite reasonable compared to the benefits it offers!


5. Quuu.png

You are a prolific writer and you have produced thousands of blog posts. Great! But everything will be meaningless if you don’t have readers. And what is the best way to find readers? The answer lies in social media influencers.

Quuu plays the role of a middleman. It lets publishers upload their writings, and then lets influencers choose what contents they want to share. To summarize, Quuu is advantageous for everyone with just $40/ month.


6. ReferralCandy.png

More and more famous tech companies are adopting Referral Marketing to establish their user base, and you can do that as well! With a charge of $49 per month for ReferralCandy, you can set up a referral program quickly and easily.

There are two things you should devote special attention to with this tool: set up attractive incentives, and have the referral widget to promote your program. Complete these two tasks and just wait for the success to come.

Conclusion: Of course this list is just a suggestion, and there will be other useful tools outside. Your duty is to find them out and choose the most suitable weapons for you, therefore achieve what you want in your business.

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