Super Effects has released 50 effects after 3 months of launching

Super Effects has released 50 effects after 3 months of launching

After 3 months of launching, Super Effects has reached 50 effects.

This is an important milestone in the formation and development process of Super Effects, which shows the continuous efforts of each member of the production team. Most importantly, this is also the number that shows the support of customers that we are extremely fortunate to have. Thank you so much for the trust you have placed in the Super Effects team.

Out of the 50 effects that have been released, nearly 40% are produced based on the idea of customers contributing via the feedback box in the app. This is a great help and great motivation for us - a small start-up team - to be able to develop Super Effects to the point like today, with these achievements. With these treasured ideas, we are honored to dedicate those special effects to the customers who have contributed their ideas, so they can use them freely without paying any subscription fees.

Here are some of those beautiful effects:

fx-butterfly (1).gifhoney-bee-effect-demo.gif


Moreover, to tribute to our beloved customers, we have a special promotion program for all of you. With a good review that you leave for Super Effects, you will receive a one-month usage of Magic Plan with many attractive effects and outstanding features.

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