Super Effects - Perfect Choice To Decorate Your Online Store

Super Effects - Perfect Choice To Decorate Your Online Store


Holidays aren’t just the time for reunion and parties - they are also time to boost sales and increase conversion rates. Nothing can be as impressive as an online store that is decorated with falling hearts on Valentine’s or filled with spiders on Halloween.

All of those effects mentioned above could be created easily with Super Effects - our wonderful product. Let’s find out more information about it!

About Super Effects

As the name suggests, Super Effects help users to add interactive effects, animations, decorations, and ornaments to their Shopify store. Applied to the website or homepage only, this interesting app is useful a lot in helping sellers boost traffic for their online stores.

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Super Effects includes effects for most of the holiday seasons, such as Black Friday & Cyber Monday, Halloween. New Year, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Easter, Lunar New Year, Women’s Day, and so on...

Key Features

To make your homepage more visually attractive with specially-designed effects and give you the greatest experience with the app, Super Effects also offers the following features:

  • Searching for the effect by descriptions or names (MAGIC Plan)
  • Searching for the favorite effect by tags
  • Setting time that the effect appears on your store and its duration time
  • Selecting particular pages to add the effect to (MAGIC Plan)
  • Previewing the effect on the store.
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Currently, the Super Effects application has a free version and paid version (see picture below for details). The free version offers you 22 effects, while the paid one includes more effects and features mentioned in the above part.

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Why Should You Choose Super Effects?

The reason seems to be obvious: Super Effects brings a new look to your store, making it stand out from other competitors and encouraging customers to stay in your store longer.

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To make it better, the app is very easy, does not slow down the site and can be compatible with every store’s interface no matter what your customers are using - computers, smartphones, or tablets.

With a rating of 4.7/5.0 and its appearance on Shopify’s trending apps applications, Super Effects is a perfect choice for those who want to decorate their online store.

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Super Effects guarantees the absolute security of the store information, not using that information for any commercial purposes.

If you face any difficulties, leave a message in the live chat support and the app customer support team will support and find out the answer for you.

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