The 12 Best Shopify Apps - Package For Your Business

The 12 Best Shopify Apps - Package For Your Business


87% of the active stores are now using applications from Shopify App store

6 is the number of applications that a store uses on average

$19 is the average fixed cost in one month of a store for app subscription

(According to BuiltWith 2019)

Why should we use Shopify applications?

The above figures partly indicate that the use of supporting applications on Shopify is common. Shopify is now the leading commerce platform designed for businesses of all sizes. Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered. Using Shopify is now not only a trend, but also one of the best ways for merchants to expand the market and bring their products to the world when dropshipping and pay on delivery become popular.

Doing business online is easier than ever, as there are many supporting applications available on Shopify's App store. These applications allow you to add gadgets to your sales page, manage sales simply with no programming or design skills needed. If you are looking for something to promote your store better, there is always an application to help. So, let’s make it as easy as possible.

What applications should be added to your store?

It might be a bit challenging and overwhelming for you to try out more than 4000 applications on the Shopify app store, so here are some recommendations you might find helpful.

Best Shopify apps for customer support

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

It is undeniable that regardless of whether your customers are really loyal to one brand or not, the building of customer loyalty is still essential. Customers will feel well taken care of by special programs offered to them such as attached gifts, bonus items,...Understanding that, Smile helps you take better care of customers by offering attractive rewards programs. In spite of taking risks at expensive and unpredictable advertisements to new customers, you can boost repeat purchases from existing customers.

Main features

  • Boost sales by creating loyalty points, referral or VIP program for your customers
  • Check the results easily through Smile analytics
  • Simply integrate with other applications such as PushOwl, Mailchimp, Privy, Loox, Omnisend,...


It’s a freemium application. More features to explore when you purchase Starter, Growth or Pro plan at $49, $199 or $599 per month.

Referral Candy

When customers are satisfied with a product or service, they tend to recommend it to their friends and relatives. If you want to grow your business, you shouldn't miss this potential marketing channel. Referral Candy is one of the best tools to create referral programs for your Shopify store.

Main features

  • Give you full control of the referral rewards and incentives
  • Offer a dashboard with important metrics and reports
  • Send rewards to your customers automatically and directly


Referral Candy gives you a 30-day free trial that you can easily cancel in 30 days without being charged to your credit card. One-month using plan costs $49.

Best Shopify apps for dropshipping business


Oberlo is a dropshipping service that allows the users to find popular products online, add them to their Shopify store and start selling immediately by shipping them directly to buyers. Merchants can use it on different stores in order to boost average cart value without stocking additional inventory. Shipments can be easily tracked when integrating Oberlo into store.

How it works

Main features

  • Find trending products to dropship from a network of suppliers from all over the world
  • Ship directly from supplier to customer without any interference
  • Track orders, and know where they are at all times with Oberlo’s integrated order tracking feature


Oberlo offers 3 different pricing plans with a free plan available and you can use Oberlo for your new eCommerce store with that. However, for more access to suppliers or unlimited products, you should start a basic plan or pro plan with a subscription of $29.90/month and $79.90/month.


The biggest problem for dropshipping traders is finding the right supplier. Have you ever spent weeks until months waiting for a supplier to fulfill an order? Have you ever received complaints from customers that they are not patient enough to wait for orders from you? Don’t worry then, Dropified will handle all these problems for you.

Dropified is a tool to help you quickly select and contact suppliers, based on its large data about manufacturers. This application will make dropshipping much simpler and more convenient for you.

Main features

  • Import multiple products in 1 click only
  • Fulfill orders quickly and automatically
  • Give accurate report of your net profit


Dropified's pricing policy consists of 4 plans, with 2 of which being paid monthly and the others are paid annually. Annual plans will be more economical in the long run.

Best Shopify apps for SEO optimization

Plug in SEO

Plug in SEO is a tool which keeps an eye on your store and manages your SEO optimization. This application will help you with all SEO aspects of your store, including keywords, rankings, contents, broken links,... and troubleshoot without the effort of manual checking.

Main features

  • Scan your store for SEO problems
  • Send email alerts whenever there is an SEO problem with detailed result
  • Give free instructions, including code snippets for fixing the SEO
  • Check and improve SEO to gain organic traffic


Free plan is available for basic SEO scanning. There is also a Plus plan with more features.

SEO Image Optimizer

You will always have to pay attention to your store’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you want to increase organic traffic to your online store. It would be great if your page is usually on the top of search engines, and customers are actively looking for your website without advertisements. It is something that SEO Image Optimizer can help.

Main features

  • Save your time and money from advertising
  • Instantly find and diagnose issues on your store
  • Check your product images and fix if there is any SEO problem


This application helps you optimize your SEO images for free. However, there is still a Pro Plan for Shopify stores that are dedicated to making Google a source of free and highly qualified traffic. It costs $24.99 per month.

Best Shopify apps for intellectual property protection

Super Watermarks

Super Watermarks is an advanced but also easy-to-use watermark bulk editing application for your product images. It allows you to add highly configurable watermarks, logos, stickers, labels, badges and frames to your products.

With the slogan “The next level of adding watermarks, badges and stickers”, Super Watermarks provides full detailed instructions to help you manipulate easier than ever, in line with the "Super" spirit of the application.

If you're having trouble with protecting your Shopify products from copycats, you should try adding a watermark on your imagery. This is especially important for print on demand sellers who offer unique, one-of-a-kind designs to niche audiences.

There's nothing worse than seeing your popular design get copied by a competing store.

How it works

Main features

  • Add watermarks, stickers and badges automatically
  • Protect your intellectual works by labeling them
  • Promote your marketing campaigns with special stickers or your own logo
  • Remove stickers and restore your original images


If you are new merchants who just want to try out, Super Watermarks has a free plan for you with 5 products maximum in a campaign and 1 campaign at a time. To use the application better, like you have more products to add to a campaign or more campaigns to manage, you should purchase Basic Plan at $4.98/month or Pro Plan at $9.88/month. All features for these three pricing plans are unlimited, and unlimited time of restoring original images as well.

Cozy AntiTheft

Cozy AntiTheft helps you protect your content from being stolen by blocking viewers’ right clicks and keyboard shortcuts. Unique content is the thing that Google values, so don’t let your ranking on search engines be dropped by some copies on the Internet.

Main features

  • Disable right clicks and most of the thefts stop here
  • Restrict the download of images with drag and drop, as well as right clicks
  • Ensure that customers cannot use keyboard shortcuts


At the moment, this app is completely free to install.

Best Shopify apps for store design


One problem that no merchant would like to encounter is that when you spend a lot of time and money drawing customers into your online store and they already put the goods in cart but end up not buying anything. But don't worry about that when PushOwl is available as a tool to help you prevent cart abandonment by creating pop-ups and notifications for your customers.

Main features

  • Create custom push notification buttons for your store
  • Recover lost revenue with abandoned cart reminders
  • Notify your customers of back in stock products, shipping information and reviews


PushOwl is free to install at the first place, and when you reach 500 impressions, Business Plan starts at $19 per month based on impressions when push notifications are successfully delivered.

Ultimate Trust Badges

Decorating the store's interface and drawing your brand in the minds of customers is very important to online business owners. Imagine how great it is that a particular color springs to the mind of a customer when thinking about your brand. With Ultimate Trust Badges, you can build customers' trust by creating a distinctive impression.

Main features

  • Give colorful badge options to match your store
  • Offer 100+ badges and icons
  • Let you control badge size, color and style


This is a free application.

Best Shopify apps for sales channels

Facebook Channel

With the strong growth of social networking platforms, especially Facebook, merchants would better not miss this channel in order to increase sales. The application Facebook Channel will synchronize your products on Shopify with details to your Facebook page so that you can promote any product. The budget of an advertising campaign is billed directly to your Facebook ad account.

Main features

  • Connect your Facebook business page to Shopify in a few steps
  • Create ad campaigns simply and easily
  • Track results without leaving Shopify


You can install this application for free.


Instafeed is an application that helps you automatically bring content from Instagram to your Shopify store automatically. You can decide how your Instagram content will be shown on Shopify the way you want, make it a perfect match to your store design.

Main features

  • Show your Instagram content on your store to create social proof
  • Get your Instagram discovered by potential customers
  • Drive fresh new content to your store


This is a freemium application. The Free plan even offers video support, is available on all devices and themes, but you can link your store to 1 Instagram feed only. To unlock more features and feed connections, you will need to purchase Instafeed Pro plan and Instafeed Plus plan.


Setting up an online  site on Shopify platform has become easier than ever thanks to the applications. Be ready to get profit from your Shopify store. In addition to the typical applications mentioned above, there are many other applications being produced and they look forward to helping you at best. Stay tuned for more!

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