The best 6 e-commerce softwares in 2020

The best 6 e-commerce softwares in 2020


2020 witnessed a series of rolling disasters that severely influenced the global economy, however, the online-shopping industry seems to have a flourishing year with more extension opportunities. Here are the top six e-commerce software which successfully survives regardless of the tremendous events.


Being famous for comprehensive tools, elegant design and great flexibility, Shopify is still the top e-commerce software in 2020 powering 1 million so far. Merchants can create an online store without any technical experience or knowledge.

1. Shopify – top hosted e-commerce platform.jpg

Shopify – top hosted e-commerce platform

Shopify can be called a toolkit that enables store owners to control everything from logos, and web domain to payment gateways or shipping methods. It sounds like Shopify can only match small or medium-sized businesses, but dropshipping businesses or wholesales can also use Shopify to extend their scales.


WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform with WordPress plugin, which means that merchants have to use WordPress prior to WooCommerce integration.

2. Demo of WooCommerce.jpg

Demo of WooCommerce

WooCommerce does not cost anything for installation and neither do many extensions, however, additional functions might need some fee to accomplish, some are up to $300 per installation.


Squarespace is one of the leading web design and drag-and-drop templates that allows store owners to customize their own sites seamlessly. This e-commerce software supports merchants with the best SEO practices and strategies to optimize brand awareness and recognition.

3. Demo of Squarespace.png

Demo of Squarespace

At the same time, tracking audience interaction, integrating with social media or planning an email marketing campaign can be processed via Squarespace.

Google Analytics

4. Google Analytics.png

Google Analytics

This is the only web analytics named in the top-6 best e-commerce software in 2020 because of its incredibility in data tracking. User’s behavior, traffic or information relevant to the business’s website will be analyzed and included in a comprehensive report, so as to help merchants deeply understand the insight of visitor’s behavior and conversion rate.


5. Create your website with Wix.png

Create your website with Wix

A powerful and mobile-friendly software – Wix. Simply, Wix is a cloud-based service enabling shop owners to design their own store with no coding. What features can be expected from Wix? Wix can help to start an online store for both physical and digital items, host an online form or create blogging.


6. Dashboard of Magento.png

Dashboard of Magento

Released in 2008, Magento is a noteworthy advancement and dynamism among e-commerce software. The software offers thousands of features, capabilities and customizations that sometimes make small store owners overwhelmed. On the other hand, the diversity in features can benefit the large-scale store or enterprise; B2B or B2C offered by Magento is highly potential to optimize the performance of bigger businesses.

Above are the top e-commerce software in 2020 reviewed by our experts, if you want to discover the best e-commerce platform in 2021, please scroll down for our dedicated study and predictions of the top platform for the new year!

5. Create your website with Wix.png

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