The best print-on-demand companies on Shopify

The best print-on-demand companies on Shopify


If you are planning to start an e-commerce dropping store offering the products like posters, T-shirts, mugs, books and other customized products, but preparing resources to fulfill these are not that easy, and relying on print-on-demand apps on Shopify App Store is the way to go.


1. Printful – top-rated print-on-demand service.png

Printful – top-rated print-on-demand service

Printful is one of the incredibly print-on-demand powerful apps on Shopify App Store. You can discover thousands of products from T-shirts, phone cases, pillows or many more. The outstanding features of Printful are:

  • Shipping: on average, within two to five working days, the products will be available and ready to be delivered to the US, Europe and Mexico and it takes about three or four days additionally to ship products to selected destinations. Shipping costs are from $3.99.
  • White label service: all of your products will be prepared without their original brand name, so you can add your brand name to boost the brand’s awareness.
  • Professional photography of target products can be sent to you to upload to your e-commerce store.
  • Free product designs.
  • 20% discount on sample products and free shipping to certain locations.


2. SPOD allows you to customize design.png

SPOD allows you to customize design

SPOD is highly appraised for its rapid fulfillment times – 95% within two days with very competitive prices.

  • Shipping: SPOD can ship your desired products within 48 hours after your order comes, technically, it’s called 48-hour order turnaround. Shipping fee starts at $3.57.
  • The resource of 50,000 free designs and over 110 products.
  • Low return rate, less than 1%.
  • 20% discount on sample orders.


3. Teelanch turns your ideas into reality.jpg

Teelanch turns your ideas into reality

Powering over 165,000 Shopify stores, Teelaunch is an amazing print-on-demand app to start your e-commerce business.

  • Shipping: the production time can take three to six working days and products are ready to ship from the US, UK or Canada. Shipping cost is up to product and destination.
  • Offering the highest level of product quality at a competitive price. Wide range of products – about 120 items, from T-shirt to phone case, journals, jewelry and hundreds more.
  • Allow merchants to personalize products with the brand's photo.


4. Printify - huge line of products.png

Printify - a huge line of products

In fact, Printify is a vendor, so you have a better chance to discover the huge network of worldwide printing partners. However, the product price, shipping cost, delivery periods or packaging will be decided by the real provider.

  • Shipping: depending on the selected provider. Merchants can save shipping fee thanks to the printing partner network of Printify.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Special discount of 20% of all products for monthly premium plan.
  • 250 different types of products.
  • Final product price control.

Lulu xPress

5. Lulu xPress - perfect option for creatives.png

Lulu xPress - perfect option for creatives

In charge of printing over 5.3 billion pages all around the world, Lulu is the pioneer in printing books on demand. Lulu xPress is designed to integrate with your Shopify store, when your store gets an order, it will be sent automatically to Lulu network, Lulu will print and deliver directly to the customers.

  • Shipping: within three to five working days from centers in the UK, US or Canada to more than 150 countries. Shipping cost is from $3.99 to the US.
  • Various book designs, common and uncommon ones, customizable size, color, binding and cover options.
  • 3,000 combinations of bindings, layouts and prints, appropriate for magazines, textbooks, catalogs and even calendar, etc.

We have rounded up the 5-best print-on-demand companies that you can trust to cooperate and flourish your dropship business. Most POD apps on Shopify store are equipped with an auto-order process, design customizable functions, compliance with order specifications, punctual shipping time as well as logo attachment. Each company has its own merits and drawbacks, keep in mind to thoroughly review their shipping, product catalogs, printing options as well as additional features which set them apart from the others before selecting.

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