The product badges you should use in this 2021

The product badges you should use in this 2021


Product badges or product stickers are added to your product images to showcase special information as to triggering buying mood.

Following are the product badges you should use in 2021 to boost conversion:

  • Scarcity/Urgency badge: these badges will alert customer’s FOMO (fear of missing out), in other words, visitors feel more likely to buy otherwise this item will be sold out soon. Some examples of urgency badges are: Limited Edition, Low Inventory, Hard To Find, Deal Of The Day, Limited Time Offers, etc.

1. Example of Limited Time Offer badges.jpg

Example of Limited Time Offer badges

  • Social proof badges: adding social proof such as Best Seller, Back in Stock or Staff Picks, As Seen On will concrete the customer’s belief when their minds are mixed up.
  • Sales/Discount/Promotion badges: customers love bargains and their attention will be harnessed by your good deal. Badge ideas that you might add to your store are “Clearance” or “Save %”.
  • Exclusivity badge: “Members Only”, “Wholesale”, “Exclusive”.
  • Festival badges: Christmas, New Year, Valentine or Black Friday will become exciting more than ever with stunning product labels.

2. Decorate your store with Christmas badges.jpg

Decorate your store with Christmas badges

So how to add a product badge to your product? We have some recommendations for apps for you as below!

BigCommerce – Supr Product Badges and Labels

Product badges will draw customer’s attention to the special and target information of the product. Supr allows you to add any type of badges to your product images.

3. Supr Product Badges and Labels interface.png

Supr Product Badges and Labels interface

Outstanding features of Supr Product Badges and Labels:

  • 100,000 built-in Icons;
  • Customizable design;
  • Multiple badges display;
  • Multi-language badges support;
  • Schedule showing time;
  • Infinite choices of product badges

Shopify - Super Watermarks – Badges

This is one of the best Shopify apps to promote your product during festival and sale seasons. You can select from about 2,000 templates of badges varying from Christmas, Thanksgiving to the latest Valentine season to effectively promote your marketing program. This app will be updated every two weeks to assure that your store will never go out-of-fashion.

4. Tons of product badges by Super Watermarks - Badges.png

Tons of product badges by Super Watermarks - Badges

Remarkable features:

  • 1500+ product badges;
  • Easy-to-use;
  • Intellectual property stickers;
  • Periodical updated;
  • Incredible customer support.

If you are using WooCommerce platform, you can consider WooCommerce Product Badge from BoomDevs or Badge WooCommerce Plugins by Code Canyon. Site Badges is our recommendation for Wix users.

A smart choice of product badges can help you to increase conversions and profit margin. Decorating your store with urgency or a promotion message will lead to psychological triggers and eventually sales revenue.

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