Top 3 Shopify Reporting Apps that Simplify Your Store Management

Top 3 Shopify Reporting Apps that Simplify Your Store Management


Currently, digital transformation and automation technology are becoming a trend and are chosen by many people because of their usefulness. If you are still using manual methods of managing goods in excel or even paper books, you will easily become obsolete, wasting time and effort in vain.

In the digital age, using a reporting application is the optimal choice for sellers because of its convenience and superiority. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 3 reporting apps on the Shopify app store that you can refer to.

Super Reports

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Super Reports was launched in September 2020 by 2B I/O, and after just over a month of launching the application has reached the top of the trending applications that are trusted and installed by many users.

The application provides users with most of the features needed to track and manage their stores efficiently. Provides you with an overview of details of important store metrics such as orders, transactions, customers, taxes, inventory, ....

  • Provide ready-to-use report templates for users to use and allow them to create custom reports themselves
  • Automatically export reports and support export in many different formats such as pdf, scv, excel, google sheet.
  • Users can schedule to receive email reports at a fixed time daily, weekly or monthly.

Using the application will make you feel that tracking and managing the store is not too difficult. With just a few clicks on your computer, you can get the necessary information, even when you are traveling or have a busy job, you can still receive store notifications via email.

The advantage of this application is that the price is very reasonable (only from $ 9.9 / month) from low to high depending on the business performance of the store.

Better Reports

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Better reports is an early reporting application, chosen by many Shopify sellers to use to track their stores.

The app also provides ready-made report templates on key metrics that sellers cannot afford to ignore. The store data is automatically updated into the application so that users can track the most accurate information. The information is also presented in the form of charts so that users can easily track and understand the changes of the indicators.

Besides, the application also allows you to invite and collaborate with team members in case the stats are too much and you alone can't control them well. Reports can be exported to excel or google drive for users to monitor.

However, the price of this application is quite high from $ 19.9 to $ 299 / month, so it will be suitable for large stores and many employees.



BeProfit is developed by Become developer with a striking purple interface that is easily recognizable on the Shopify app store.

The application is a good choice to help you capture the status of your store's revenue and expenses from which to evaluate business performance to make timely decisions. The application both provides built-in report templates and allows you to create your own reports.

The application can also display the indicators in the form of graphs for users to easily monitor and analyze. Automatically sync data from Shopify to show real-time information on the status of orders and products. In addition, you can also schedule to receive reports via email at a fixed time, making sure not to miss any important information.

The price of the application is also relatively high, ranging from $ 25 - $ 50, you can consider choosing the right plan for your store.

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