TOP 4 best e-commerce platforms in 2023

TOP 4 best e-commerce platforms in 2023


The number of e-commerce platforms available now can make you feel overwhelmed and establishing a website that sells must start with a thorough investigation to find the top-notch platform. The top four best e-commerce platforms in 2023 as following hopefully alleviates your situation.


Established in 2006, Shopify has been the most popular e-commerce platform powering millions of online shopping sites. With nearly 100 stunning and professional themes and over 4,000 apps that have served 1,000,000 customers, you can start and manage your store without a single line of code.

1. A wide range of Shopify Feaures.jpg

A wide range of Shopify features

Shopify syncs with 10 other e-commerce platforms including Amazon, Instagram and Facebook and 100 payment options to choose from. Video, 3D models or even customizable storefronts on Instagram or Facebook become less complicated for the merchants' thanks to the strong built-in support of Shopify. The platform is also highly appreciated for its responsiveness, it can operate smoothly regardless of device types. Shopify offers a 14-days free trial and has four price levels to choose from.


2. BigCommerce Dashboard.png

BigCommerce Dashboard

The runner-up is BigCommerce. While Shopify is popular for stores of all scales, BigCommerce, as its name, focuses on large businesses and higher robust SEO capacities. Merchants can customize tiles, product URLs and even metadata to reinforce chance in Google search results. The report and analysis function is also advantageous compared to Shopify since the platform enables applications for all business plans in BigCommerce. Real-time data, revenue, customer habits and plenty of other details can be sent to users for the correct target and campaign.


3. Wix - flexibility and customization.jpg

Wix - flexibility and customization

Wix is well-known for its flexibility and customization. 500 pre-built website templates, dozens of customization options and drag-and-drop interface, a great feature that can totally defeat its competitors, there is no trouble restraining users from designing and creating everything they want. Four e-Commerce plans: Business Basic, Business Unlimited, Business VIP and Enterprise are offered on Wix. Notice: if you are nurturing a small business or a special website, Wix is the top-notch option, however, in case, your business expects diversity of products and high volume, Shopify or BigCommerce might be more appropriate.


4. WooCommerce - Wordpress Ecommerce solution.png

WooCommerce - WordPress e-commerce solution

WooCommerce is the best WordPress eCommerce solution, meaning that you can turn your WordPress website into an eCommerce website with full functions just by WooCommerce. This platform offers a variety of templates, back-end-management tools, tax tools, analytics and more for free. WooCommerce also provides extension features that enable merchants to sell on eBay, Amazon, Facebook or Pinterest with the cost upward of $300.

Each platform has strong points as well as minus ones, so seriously consider your budget, products and the platform before making a decision. And all of the above remarkable platforms come with free trial or free plan, so why don’t you hesitate to jump on a free trial straight away?

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