Top 8 Shopify Workflow Automation Apps 2021

Top 8 Shopify Workflow Automation Apps 2021

You're a busy entrepreneur running a Shopify store, and seeking for the best workflow automation software to enhance your Shopify site takes time, this article might help. We select the top workflow automation apps in 2021 by looking at the app store rating, the number of reviews, the app's top features, and other subjective characteristics. We hope that this information will aid you in your search for the most effective workflow app for your Shopify store.

1. Shop Workflow Automation by Hextom

1. Dashboard of Shop Workflow Automation by Hextom.png

Dashboard of Shop Workflow Automation by Hextom

Hextom's Shop Workflow Automation acts as a virtual assistant, monitoring any of your events and taking appropriate action, reducing the amount of time you spend doing repetitive and time-consuming manual work. For example, you can schedule all based chores, such as daily sales reporting, using the app. It might also automatically detect any possible fraudulent orders or notify drop shipping providers when their orders are ready for fulfillment. With the help of this software, you won't have to worry about day-to-day operations, allowing you to focus on growing your business or increasing sales.

2. SM: Email Marketing & Pop Ups by SmartrMail

E-commerce merchants no longer have to come up with a selection of products every week that may or may not interest the majority of your customers with our automated product recommendation emails. Based on their prior purchase history, browser behavior, and email clicks, our smart recommendation system delivers each of your customers a unique selection of things they're most likely to buy.

2. Newsletter, automations and popups from SmartrMail.png

Newsletter, automation and popups from SmartrMail

It also included an abandoned cart email series tool, welcome emails, and the fastest newsletter composer ever in the app. All for a fraction of the price of competing Shopify email apps. A free plan with up to 1,000 subscribers and email automation is available!

3. Rewind Backups by Rewind

What could be more devastating than losing all of your crucial Shopify store information? Nothing comes to mind since if your store data is lost due to a hack or glitch, your operations will be severely harmed, if not completely destroyed. Rewind is a straightforward Shopify software that allows you to back up your entire store's data. Because losing all of your customer’s data might be disastrous, you can use solutions like to make it simple to import this information into Google Sheets.

3. Rewind Backups - Top automation app for Shopify merchants.png

Rewind Backups - Top automation app for Shopify merchants

This tool creates automated, safe backups of all of the data required to run a successful online store. This includes backups of the following: Products and products images, themes, order and reviews of customers, customer data. 

4. Launchpad by Shopify

4. Shopify Launchpad – great tool for sale seasons.png

Shopify Launchpad – a great tool for sale seasons

Shopify launched Launchpad as one of its automation tools to help its customers. By launching events such as publishing products, themes, and discounts on a predetermined date and time, the software assists retailers in eliminating business issues. The app, as you can see, offers automatic sales campaigns, flash sales, and product sales. Furthermore, the app allows you to select specific products to be published for user sales and to update your inventory as needed. You can also set up a discount when your sales start without knowing how to code. The program allows you to create a campaign theme to assist you to emphasize your sale products, and themes may be extensively tweaked prior to sales. It should be noted, however, that it is only compatible with Shopify Plus.

5. Arigato Automation 

Arigato Automation assists customers in viewing the workflow library and getting ideas by directing them to the developer website URL. Arigato is a task automation app that is adaptable, powerful, and well-connected.

5. Arigato Automation Shopify app.png

Arigato Automation Shopify app

Instead of worrying about tedious tasks, you should be focusing on growing your business. He can listen for any occasion or event that may arise in your shop and take appropriate action. Get out of the trenches and reclaim your time to focus on expanding your company. If you've used other automation programs, forget about the head-scratching and confusion, as well as the limits. Let's get started with a Workflow Library of common automation or start from scratch.

6. AVADA Marketing Automation 

AVADA Marketing Automation is designed for e-commerce businesses that want to grow their customer base and increase sales. All of the tools you'll need for your marketing are supported by the platform: Abandoned Cart Email, Welcome Email, Transactional Emails, Cross-sell and Up-sell Email, and other automation workflows are examples. All workflows come with a large number of presets pre-installed.

6. AVADA email marketing solution.png

AVADA email marketing solution

AVADA also enables businesses to send mass emails via newsletter campaigns using professionally designed templates. Everyone can modify email and create a stunning branded template with AVADA Email Editor's sophisticated design recommendation feature.

7. ShipStation by ShipStation

With ShipStation - the powerful rules engine that simplifies the entire shipping process for Shopify store owners, you can automate your order processing. Consider ShipStation to be your go-to shipping option.

7. Fulfill Shopify order with ShipStation.png

Fulfill Shopify order with ShipStation

It handles order processing, customer communications, and shipping label manufacturing all through an online platform that interfaces with major carriers easily. The days of producing labels individually are long gone. You can process and print hundreds of labels in a single batch with ShipStation. Print your select lists, labels, and packing slips to any printer on the planet.

8. Mechanic by Lightward

8. Mechanic app – top Shopify workflow automation.png

Mechanic app – top Shopify workflow automation

Lightward's Mechanic is a Shopify software that helps you automate more than 52 time-consuming, repetitive, and tedious processes. Some of the key features of Mechanic are: Instantly labeling clients based on their buying behaviors, automatically posting and publishing your online products, sending unpaid order reminder emails to customers, telling customers directly after their order is accepted, and so on.

Hope that this list of the best Shopify automation apps will help you select an app that will help you become more productive, boost sales, and feel less stressed. 

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