Valentine’s day best decoration ideas for Shopify stores

Valentine’s day best decoration ideas for Shopify stores

Did you know that on Valentine's Day, more than 21% of Americans are willing to spend between $100 and $500? While the day may offer joy to many lovers, it is also a profitable time for companies. Many people still worry if internet pop-ups are still effective at generating income. Additionally, there are many other ways that Shopify merchants can improve their store in this festive season. 

Eye–catching Shopify storefront appearance is an excellent marketing strategy for boosting Valentine's Day sales. Let’s see what you can do to decorate your store when love is in the air.

1. Pop Ups

a, Countdown pop ups

Using countdown popups to indicate the end of holiday deals is a brilliant idea. This type of popup includes a countdown timer to instill a feeling of urgency in your customers' purchasing decisions.

1. Countdown Timer Pop up.jpg

Countdown Timer Pop up

When website users see that Valentine's Day deals are about to expire, they frequently do everything they can to get them before the deadline.

b, Use Valentine’s Day subscription pop ups

To increase the size of your subscriber list on Valentine's Day, you may generate subscription email popups. Before the party, just construct the pop-up and place it on your landing page. Remember to provide intriguing offers, discounts, and special promotions to increase website engagement and conversions.

c, Video pop up for specific personalized gift item

Any popup can have a movie embedded in it. Pop-ups with video tend to get more attention than pop-ups without video. If you develop an appealing and eye-catching video popup with a Valentine's Day theme, you may garner a lot of attention on Valentine's Day.

d, Survey pop up

2. Valentine’s Day Pop ups.png

Valentine’s Day Pop ups

Using a survey popup to show your consumers that you care about them is a great way to show them that you care. In the days or weeks running up to Valentine's Day, conduct a poll on your website using a pop-up. Visitors are likely to return to see if you heeded their recommendations.

2. Valentine’s Day Effect

The customer’s shopping experience would be enhanced if you display Valentine's Day zeal in your store. It also encourages consumers to buy more, especially if your design layout is appealing.

3. Super Effects Valentine Boost.jpeg

Super Effects: Valentine Boost

The Super Effects: Valentine Boost effortlessly provides the love effect on the store. These effects may be applied to numerous store pages. There are plenty of effects which can be applied for all pages or any specific page that you prefer with the customizable duration, and more importantly, they are compatible with all store’s interfaces regardless of computers, smartphones or tablets.

3. Valentine’s Day theme

a, Vendy

Vendy is a brand-new Shopify theme for fashion that has clean styling and seamless content integration to highlight your brand. It has a variety of pre-made homepage, look book, product, and other page templates.

4. Vendy – Best Shopify Theme for Fashion.png

Vendy – Best Shopify Theme for Fashion

You may rest confident that Vendy will assist you in creating a trendy e-commerce site for selling clothing, shoes, and accessories, among other things. Furthermore, this Shopify theme is a straightforward option with a ready-to-use basic design. This design will be relevant in years to come, and your business proposal will be shown in the best possible light.

b, Roxxe

The Roxxe Shopify Multipurpose Theme was created with current trends in mind as well as user convenience. It includes a strong navigation search module, as well as 70 pre-designed layouts with ready-to-use parts.

5. Roxxe – Best Responsive Shopify Theme.JPG

Roxxe – Best Responsive Shopify Theme

They're all available for your improvements and tweaks. You may rapidly build a store using one of the most popular online business demonstrations and then modify your content.

Roxxe also displays skins for selling clothing, cosmetics, accessories, and other items. Roxxe also integrates with Shopify's Visual Builder, allowing you to construct as many pages and online forms as you like.

By now, you should have a good understanding of Valentine's Day and plenty of ideas for your ecommerce company to make the most of this holiday season. Remember that it's never too early to start planning for the busiest day of the year.

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