Want to be a director, be a sale staff first

Want to be a director, be a sale staff first

You may send greetings to 1000 people, but only 20 people stop to listen. It is a sales job, it may not bring you a steady income, but the skills you learn will help you be successful throughout life no matter what you do.

Here are some sharing experiences about the sales profession.


In my second year at university, I applied to be a credit card salesman for a bank. Every morning we booked a place in the middle of the mall and invited all the visitors who passed by.

We were trained with simple criteria: “If you greet 1000 passersby, there will be about 100 people sticking around, then only 20 people hear what you say to the third sentence and (if you are lucky) there will be 2 people buying your product”. There won't be any job that gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself and communicate so widely like this.

After only a week of work, I found myself changed completely, I felt that I became open and easy to talk to people around, not shy even though he/she was a stranger. This is an important step, because many of us sometimes get lost but not dare to open our mouth to ask for directions.

Presentation capability

Our boss at that time said: “Usually customers won't give you more than 2 minutes to convince them, so the basic principle of sales is KISS (Keep It Short & Simple). This is probably the most valuable skill I have learned, that is organizing and planning coherently, logically and concisely to convey the message.

Most students in Vietnam lack the opportunity to practice their speaking skills, while a survey by a leading "headhunting" firm claims that it is the most important breakthrough factor for you to reach out. in career.

There is nothing worse than a lengthy, word-filled presentation and the presenter "anesthetizes" for the audience. When you say the first sentence, the audience should be curious or eager to hear the second, and they should have an answer that will satisfy them when you are finished.

Strategic thinking

No one understands a company's product, strategy, and business status as a salesperson, really. Also not in a position that the work results "hit" right in your face like doing sales.

Most importantly, the sales staff understands the principle (simple but few people accept) that "if you can, you can eat". Often your income is tied to sales, it can be very volatile, but it truly reflects your capabilities.

All those who are "bosses" like people with such thoughts, they hate those who ask for a raise, but do not know why they should get a raise, how much to increase for "reasonable" or how they contribute to the company. Sales staff will not have jealousy, jealousy with colleagues about the salary. Sales staff understand that their income has no limits, it all depends on your ability.

Build a relationship network

I was taught that a good salesperson is an employee who sells the same item to a customer multiple times and makes the customer sell for you (refer friends or relatives to you).

Indeed, in any field, any position, the network of partnerships is the most valuable intangible asset, it will follow you and continuously bring value to you. Networking is an affirmation of your capabilities, personal reputation, the quality of the service you provide, your honesty and business ethics, that anyone can testify.

It is much more valuable than a "make-up" CV (Curriculum Vitae). People who learn relationship building skills (especially in Vietnam) will create endless sources of opportunities and potential for growth for themselves and the company.

There are hundreds of other factors that the sales profession gives you such as quick judgments, sharp observing eyes, patience, ability to handle situations, the spirit of not giving up, etc ... that cannot be fully mentioned.

Sales may not become your day-to-day job and won't bring in a steady income, but the skills it gives you can take with you for a lifetime, no matter what field you will work on.


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