Why are gift cards great for your Shopify store?

Why are gift cards great for your Shopify store?


We all love gift cards. Gift card recipients enjoy shopping flexibility, merchants can boost brand awareness, grow sales and attract more customers by selling gift cards. Let’s uncover five ways that gift cards can positively contribute to your Shopify store.

Reinforce cash flow

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Selling gift cards to ensure cash flow

The first reason why a gift card is a perfect choice for an e-commerce store is that it can help you to improve cash flow. Compared to other marketing strategies, gift cards are absolutely overweighting. The common or traditional marketing tactics will take effect with the conditions of valuable investment after a long time. However, if you sell gift cards to your customers, you are generating revenue in advance of supplying your services and offerings.

Boost holiday sales

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Gift cards for holiday sales

Holiday sales rush is popular with retail businesses and capturing holiday sales by gift card will not only catch the festive spirit but also increase sales. The NRF’s survey conducted in 2015 reports that about 73.4 percent of American adults plan to get at least one gift card for the holiday shopping season. No matter what products or services your Shopify store is offering, from clothes stores to gym clubs, you can generate more original sales and even get new fans by offering gift cards.

Engage customers

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Gift cards can engage more customers

As mentioned above, gift cards can help to gain new customers and enable this relationship in a lengthy period. Periodical gift cards or festive gift cards will strengthen customers' engagement and open doors for further marketing opportunities. Additionally, the gift card recipients can turn into your brand ambassadors by distributing gift cards to others.

Promote brand awareness

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Well-design gift cards can grow brand exposure

Gift cards can act as an economic and cost-effective advertising measure. The physical gift card with a delight design will usefully share your brand message while the virtual gift card enables you to shorten the “Internet” distance between your company and customers.

Reduce return/refund and generate optimistic reviews

The shoppers buying gift cards to ensure that they will receive their desired products without any problem such as high shipping cost or unpleasant extra fees, as a result, the return or refund rate will be lowered, positive for both sellers and customers. What’s more, by generating flexible and enjoyable shopping experiences, you can receive beneficial feedback from your customers.

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Physical Shopify Gift Cards

Issuing gift cards and selling gift cards on Shopify are pretty simple. The process is:

  1. Access Shopify POS and find “Setting > Payment Setting”
  2. Click “Gift Card”;
  3. Select gift card options: “Gift card payments” (which you can print and send to your customers) or “Physical gift cards”.

Gift cards are everything you need to increase brand exposure, encourage holiday sales and gain new customers. So, are you ready to issue gift cards and send them to your customers?

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