Why do we need Shopify Partners?

Why do we need Shopify Partners?


User-friendly as Shopify is, e-commerce itself has never been an easy industry. Even though you have created an online shop without difficulty, there are still tons of other tasks awaiting you ahead, such as marketing, a custom app, or basically just some professional images. In that case, Shopify Partners is a great tool for you to ask for help and guidance.

In this article, we would like to provide you with some basic information about Shopify Partners and five reasons why we all need Shopify Partners for our shops. Check it below!

What is Shopify Partners?

To make it simple, Shopify Partners includes someone who has got in contracts with Shopify and could get money by introducing new users to Shopify. After the success with at least five shops, the members will move up to Shopify Experts and are ranked on a professional Shopify list based on their professions and customer track records.

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We can expect Shopify Partners to help us with:

Shopify Setup

Moving a massive shop from another platform to Shopify is a challenge to you, or if you just feel uncomfortable with setting up a new site? Then find a Setup Expert immediately! Shopify Experts are worth a try if you are new to eCommerce and haven’t known how to start a Shopify store yet.

Expensive as it might be, Setup Experts is a profitable investment since you just need to pay once for building up a Shopify store. No ongoing fees are required!

Shopify Designing

Product quality is essential, but it is a visually attractive outlook that helps you grab attention from the viewers first. Even if there are thousands of marvelous templates having already existed on Shopify, some still ask for a unique one - a template that has its color and does not coincide with any competitors on the platform. Moreover, hiring Shopify designers also means that your theme will possess some first-rate functions such as being mobile-friendly or tablet-friendly.

With these benefits mentioned above, it is reasonable that many store owners are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a designer on Shopify.

Shopify Marketing

After a wonderful look, the next step for your store to be successful is an effective advertising strategy. A marketing expert or agency will help you out with this problem, leaving you more time to manage your store and service your customers.

Here are some things a Shopify Marketer should provide to you:

  • Frequent updates on social media
  • Google Adwords
  • Searching engine optimization
  • Testing of product page

and so on...

Shopify Developing

From creating search filters to making shopping carts, from integrating POS to making custom apps, Shopify Developers are born to deal with any store-related tasks you could imagine. The fee, therefore, will vary based on the complexity of the task. You may just spend $50 for a tracking code, but could need hundreds of thousands of dollars for an app belonging to you.

Shopify Photographing

Not many people value the quality of the photos. But just as designing, great photos will leave a more favorable impression on viewers when compared to the low-quality ones. A Shopify Photographer will be in charge of ways to make your products look as glamorous as possible, therefore boost up your sales.

Shopify Photographers will charge you based on the complexity of the project, just as the Developers. The fee of a wedding dress shooting will of course be larger than shots of badminton rackets.

Note: If you are ready to find your partners, remember to check the testimonials as well as their portfolio to make sure that they are really suitable for you!

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