Why do we need to use product badges? The importance of product badges?

Why do we need to use product badges? The importance of product badges?

Are you using product badges to promote products within your Shopify store? You’d better should, because if not, you are missing out on a significant amount of sales.

Product badges are a perfect tool for you to highlight product key details, such as Limited edition, Deal of the day, Free shipping, Discount,...

This blog is going to discuss how you can use product badges in your online shop to motivate more customers to buy.


What are Product Badges/ Labels/ Stickers?

Product badges are like “virtual stickers” that are added to online product images to call attention to special information about a product. These stickers are helpful in putting customers to the mood of purchasing.

When used on e-commerce websites, product badging has been proved to increase conversion rates by 55%, read the paper here.

How do Product Badges help increase conversion rates, sales and branding?

Help customers to find desired products easily

Product badges and stickers should include all important information that you want to deliver, and of course, your customers need. For example, event-related badges are a sense of motivation for customers when it comes to the holidays. There are so many occasions - Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Valentine,... - that benefit from badging. That is the time where your customer will be shopping ahead, looking for a perfect  gift for special ones in their lives, and badges help to highlight those items they might be interested in.

Motivate customers to purchases quicker

Shoppers often look for products that are marked as Top rated or Best-seller, because they believe in the social proof of other shoppers. What customers like them buying makes it easier for them to say yes, like all of us are always affected by other opinions. Trending now, Deal of the day or Staff pick product badges provide social proof to your customers. These stickers tell them that people like them have bought this item, many people recommend this product, and they will hardly have a chance to see this bargain again. Your customers would better capture the savings before the deal runs out.

Increase reliability of the products

It will be great if customers know your products are 100% organic or Safe for babies and Recommended by experts. However, customers will rarely read lengthy passages with some boring sans serif font about a product, and that is the point where you need some stickers to give them that information. Moreover, badges can bring a professional look to your store, as it seems like every product has been marked.


Using product badges wisely on your e-commerce site in general and in your Shopify store in specific can increase your conversions and sales, as well as build your brand strong and reliable. However, it is very important to add proper stickers that best describe the information for specific products on your website.

But don’t worry, because we provide you a solution that is recommended by hundreds of merchants on Shopify, that is the app Super Watermarks - now available in Shopify App Store. We have over 1000 eye-catching badges from event-related to sale-content, that are carefully designed and optimized for commercial purpose. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have designing skills, because everything is done for you. You just need to upload your product images to a campaign, and Super Watermarks will bulk apply badges, watermarks or stickers to the photos.

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