Super Mobile Sales Channel

Effortlessly develop your own mobile app, unlocking a new sales channel to convert and retain customers effectively

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Key features

Here are extended descriptions of the features of the Super Mobile Sales Channel:


Mobile App Development

We develop and support custom iOS and Android apps, guiding you from concept to submission



Seamlessly connect with Klaviyo and Google Analytics to track user behavior and optimize marketing efforts


Push Notifications

Engage users with personalized messages and promotions directly to their devices


Popup Creation

Create customizable popups to capture attention and drive conversions effortlessly

Super Mobile Sales Channel

Super Mobile Sales Channel empowers you to create a superior mobile app compared to your website, without any coding required. As your dedicated mobile app provider, we transform your Shopify store into an engaging mobile experience.

Elevate conversions, boost customer retention, and deliver personalized push notifications.

Enjoy exclusive access to advanced mobile analytics, seamless integrations, and reliable customer support. Experience increased sales while optimizing your advertising budget.

  • Develop iOS and Android apps effortlessly, no coding required.
  • Design & publish unlimited sections.
  • Drive conversions with targeted notifications & enticing discounts.
  • Integrate Klaviyo and Google Analytics into the Mobile App
  • Effortlessly create customizable pop-ups to engage and convert your audience.
  • Scan QR codes on the store website to install the mobile app helps boost traffic.
  • Regular updates and new feature releases included.
  • Priority customer support via email and call.
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Leon Studio - Crafted by Super Mobile Sales Channel

Leon Studio is now available on the Apple App Store! Created by Super Mobile Sales Channel, our app brings you a premium shopping experience for the latest in fashion. Explore our exclusive collection of sneakers and stylish backpacks, designed to enhance your look.

We invite you to download and experience the best of Leon Studio today!

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The Perfect Plan for Your Needs



Any development store can use this app for free until they upgrade their account to a paid Shopify Plan


Pro Plan

Exclusive for first 10 slots
  • IOS and Android app.
  • Design & publish unlimited blocks.
  • Unlimited scheduled & automated push notifications.
  • Klaviyo integration.
  • Regular updates and new feature releases included.
  • Priority customer support via email and call.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take for the apps to go live on both platforms?

Please follow this link to create your Google Play Console account.Apple takes around 3-5 working days to review and approve the app on the Apple App Store. Google takes around 5-7 working days to review and approve the app on the Google Play Store.

How can I create my Apple Developer account?

It's advised to create an Organization Developer account with Apple. This type allows third-party developers to upload and submit the app for review.

What other accounts do I need to create to get my app published on Android and iOS platforms?

Yes, besides Apple and Google Developer accounts, you should also create a Google Firebase Console account for Push Notifications Certification.

How long does mobile app customization take?

The timeline depends on the project's scope and complexity. We include a detailed project plan and timeline in our proposal.

How much does mobile app customization cost?

The cost varies depending on the scope of work, timelines, and project complexity. We create a customized proposal based on your specific requirements. Generally, the cost of customization is lower than developing a new app from scratch, which can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars or more.

What is the payment process?

If you accept our proposal, you can pay 100% of the service cost through Shopify payment to move forward to the next step.