Super Watermarks FAQ

Friday, August 21, 2020 - 3 min read

What does Super Watermarks do?

Super Watermarks is an advanced and easy-to-use watermark bulk editing application for your product images. It allows you to add highly configurable watermarks, logos, stickers, labels, badges, and frames to your Shopify product images.

At the moment, the application is available on Shopify only.

How do Super Watermarks protect my images?

The watermarks which you add will be attached directly to your product images. You can apply your logo or text to your product images, so no one can use your store's images.

If you want to retrieve the original images, you click on the campaign, then choose "Remove watermark".

How can I apply more than one Sticker?

On Super Watermarks, one campaign just applies one sticker. In case you want to apply two stickers or more, please create 2 campaigns or more.

Note: you shouldn’t apply campaigns that have the same products at the same time. Please wait until finishing the first campaign, then you apply for the second campaign.

How do I start using Super Watermarks?

Firstly, click the “Add Campaign” button to create a campaign.

Second, upload your logo or product badges from our library, then configure it.

Next, click the “Add Products” button to pick the products you want the badge/ watermark to attach to.

Last, click "Save" and "Attach watermark" to start adding watermark.

We recommend you to read our User Manual to get full advantages of Super Watermarks.

Can I Try Super Watermarks For Free?

Yes, you can. Super Watermarks has a free plan, allowing you to apply 5 products/1 campaign, so you can experiment with how your store looks.

What about different image formats?

Super Watermarks works with ALL product image formats. Images get updated in their original formats. This works even if you have multiple formats in your store.

BUT when you upload your own logo or badges, we just support PNG formats.

There are “aborted” products after my campaign finishes applying. What are they? How do I fix them?

Sometimes there is an error when applying watermarks to product images in a campaign. The reasons may be:

  • The products are deleted
  • There is a bad connection between our servers and Shopify servers

To fix it, please press on “Re-attach watermark”. This feature will automatically help you with the “aborted” products.

Can I edit/add new or remove products in a completed campaign?

You can modify the products in a completed campaign. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Edit” button to enable the campaign form, this allows you to add new or remove products.
  2. Click the “Save” button to apply your changes.
  3. Click the “Re-attach watermark” button to process the campaign again. All added products will be marked and all removed products will be watermark detached.

When I uninstall your application, will my product images be restored?

Technically, when you uninstall our application, you revoke our permission to modify your store’s images. In this case, the application cannot restore your images anymore.

You should restore all of your campaigns if you want to stop using our application.

But before uninstallation, please contact us if you have any problem in use. Our support team will do their best to help you.

How do I contact for support?

Please use the Chat Box in the bottom right corner of the application. We usually respond within a few minutes. Further, please reach out to us at

What if I have feedback/suggestions for the application?

Wonderful! Your feedback always helps us constantly improve our service. We really appreciate your contributions through feedback or suggestions.

Feel free to reach us via our email ( or chat with us via Chatbox.