10+ Best Shopify Themes for any type of e-commerce business in 2022

10+ Best Shopify Themes for any type of e-commerce business in 2022


It's critical to select a theme that will best meet your demands and those of your consumers while looking for the finest Shopify themes for sales in 2022. On the Shopify marketplace, there are many different sorts of themes, some with more functionality than others. The 10+ bestShopify themes for sale in 2022 are examined in this post.

The ideal Shopify theme for your business is one that is focused on sales if you're a store owner who wants to enhance conversion rates and generate more money. We'll go over some best practices and recommendations for people who are new to Shopify before diving into the top Shopify themes for e-commerce business in 2022!

#1 LeArts – Handmade Shop Shopify Theme

1. Learts – Handmade Shop Shopify Theme.jpg

LeArts – Handmade Shop Shopify Theme

LeArts combines all of the features that you will find useful, from unique features to aspects that make adjustments to your online Shopify business. For Arts Propelled, Savvy Delight, Decor Thriving, Re-blended Dish, Craftwork Biz, Valentine Gift, and more themes, there are 13+ gorgeous homepage designs available.

Here you will find 7+ product layouts, a 360-degree product, 7+ shop archive layouts, 50+ Drag & Drop Sections, 20+ Banner Variations, 13+ slider Variations, 6+ Footer Variations, 19+ Preloaded, and 6+ Header Variations to meet your needs. LeArts is a high-converting Shopify theme that allows you to customize the components to make the most of your site.

#2 Yena – Beauty & Cosmetic Shopify Theme

2. Yena – Beauty & Cosmetic Shopify Theme.jpg

Yena – Beauty & Cosmetic Shopify Theme

Beauty, fashion, and cosmetics are among Shopify's most popular categories. When looking for the finest e-commerce Shopify themes for your beauty business, aim for a design that allows your customers to appreciate the product's finer nuances. Yena is a great theme at a fair price, especially when compared to free e-commerce themes. This Shopify theme is ideal for beauty stores, clean, beauty centers, cosmetics, makeup, minimal fashion, perfume, ladies' shop, women items, and skincare since it is one of the highest converting Shopify themes.

This Shopify theme includes a number of design components and layouts that may be adjusted to fit your specific niche. It has a total of 8 gorgeous homepage templates that are entirely customizable. The interior pages, such as About Us, Our Services, Contact Us, FAQ, Blog, My Account, Shop Pages, and more, are also covered by Yena.

Unlimited Theme Color Options, Drag & Drop, Newsletter Pop-up, Multiple Currency, Mega Menu, Drop-down Menu, Pagination, Product Review, 4+ Unique Sliders, and more interesting features are available in Yena.

#3 Airi – Minimal Shopify Theme

3. Airi – minimal Shopify theme.jpg

Airi – minimal Shopify theme

With one of the best Shopify themes 2022, you can enjoy the all-around performance and construct your unique online Shopify business. Your consumers will be able to enjoy the finer features of your site thanks to Airi. This is a Shopify theme with a hover effect that allows you to present your items in a professional manner while maintaining a basic and clean design.

Fashion, jewelry, Christmas, Black Friday, and furniture are among the 25+ homepage designs offered by Airi. Customers will have no trouble finding and purchasing their selected items thanks to the unique shop layout and built-in product filtering features. If you're not sure how to update Shopify themes, Airi has you covered with simple features like well-documented code, examples, and tutorials that make customization a breeze. The product pages are also very simple to maintain and put up. Unlike free Shopify themes, the Affiliate Product page may also be used to manage your Affiliate business.

#4 Billy – Theme for Food and Drink

4. Billy – Theme for Food and Drink.jpg

Billy – Theme for Food and Drink

If you're seeking for the top e-commerce Shopify themes for your food business, Billy is a great option. This is a Shopify parallax theme with 3+ eye-catching homepage layouts and vibrant color options. Aside from its attractive homepages, you'll also receive unique inner pages like a Shop page, Blog page, Product Details, Blog Details, About Us, and Contact Us to help you adorn your site.

This Shopify theme for online stores offers a section-based drag and drop functionality that makes it easy to customize your site. This parallax Shopify theme includes Drop Shipping, Mega Menu, Mobile Menu, Newsletter, Brand Logo, Fast Loading Speed, and more interesting features in addition to Affiliate marketing. All of these qualities will aid in fine-tooth examination and discovery.

#5 Shopwise – Shopify Theme with Color Swatches

5. Shopwise – Color Swatches Theme.jpg

Shopwise – Color Swatches Theme

For your professionally selected online merchandise, launch your business with one of the top-notch e-commerce Shopify themes. With Shopwise, you can leave a lasting impression on your customers. Although many people search for free Shopify themes, this is one of the most highly converting Shopify themes available for purchase at a fair price.

This e-commerce Shopify theme offers unique features to boost your sales with more than 6 strong homepages that are specifically built for fashion, furniture, electronics, and other related sectors. If you enjoy experimenting with the features of e-commerce Premium Shopify themes, you'll be pleased to learn that there are 6+ slider versions, 4+ footer variations, 5+ header variations, 35+ drag & drop sections, 3+ category banner, 2+ banner styles, and 15+ preloaded to choose from.

#6 Robin – Best theme for Furniture

6. Robin – Best theme for Furniture.jpg

Robin – Best theme for Furniture

Robin is a popular theme that may help you keep up with the times. To make things easier for you, we've included a Shopify themes lesson and a Shopify themes demo to help you get the most out of this theme.

You'll get 9+ homepage alternatives, as well as 4+ header variations, 8+ slider variations, and several store layouts, to help you customize your site. Robin also includes a variety of innovative inner pages, such as About Us, Contact Us, FAQ, Our Services, and 404 Error Page, among others.

#7 Olivia – Maternity Shop

7. Olivia – Maternity Shop.png

Olivia – Maternity Shop

Olivia is a Maternity Shop Shopify Theme that comes with three different homepage styles. Its narrative-driven design will pique the interest of your prospective consumers. You'll find unique inner sites such as Shop pages, product information, blog pages, blog details, contact us, and more in addition to the attractive homepages. Pregnancy Products, Cosmetics, Pregnancy Dress, Readymade Garments, Pregnancy Skin Care, and Pregnancy Medical Products are all ideal for this Maternity Shop Shopify Theme.

Drag & Drop page builder, Newsletter Popup, RTL Version, Featured Product, Tab with Product, Built-in wish list, Brand Logo, Sticker, Dropdown Menu, 2+ Unique slider, Product with Banner, Quick View, Breadcrumb banner, and more features are also included in this theme.

#8 Motion – Theme for Fashion

8. Motion – Theme for Fashion.jpg

Motion – Theme for Fashion

Motion is a flexible theme that works well with catalogs of all sizes. Motion is a Shopify theme that focuses on animation and integrated videos to provide your customers an outstanding sensory experience. It was created by Archetype themes, a top Shopify theme developer. The collection collage section makes it simple to show many collections, each with its own main image.

#9 Wokiee – Premium Shopify Theme

9. Wokiee – Premium Shopify Theme.jpg

WOKIEE – Premium Shopify Theme

The WOKIEE Shopify Theme is not your typical theme. It's a fantastic design tool. WOKIEE is a fantastic Shopify Premium theme. It will be an excellent fit for your present or prospective online store. It comes with all of the necessary tools and modules for creating a lightning-fast responsive website with fantastic user experience. A wide range of layouts and styles allows for the creation of various buildings and meets any individual requirements.

Shopify CMS has everything you need. You may save money on site development and design by using the Premium Shopify theme WOKIEE.

#10 Payna – Clean, Minimal Shopify Theme

10. Payna – Clean, Minimal Shopify Theme.jpg

Payna – Clean, Minimal Shopify Theme

Payna is a great example of Shopify themes with product videos if you're trying to figure out what the best Shopify theme is. Payna, a Shopify theme with a vast inventory, is a one-of-a-kind option for a fashion business. You can personalize the design of your site with powerful layouts like 7+ Banners, 6+ Fluid Banners, 2+ Collection Banners, 4+ Brand Logos, 2+ Category Banners, 2+ Popular Banners, Countdown Timer Banner, 3+ Videos, 5+ Testimonial, 4+ About Text Areas, 3+ Instafeed Styles, 3+ Services, and 4+ Latest Blog.

11. Symmetry dashboard.jpg

Symmetry dashboard

Some other incredible Shopify themes suggested by our clients as promising themes for 2022 are Brooklyn, Simple, Retina, Kingdom of Symmetry. In case you need more themes, feel free to visit our blog! 

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