2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday trends that Shopify merchants must notice

2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday trends that Shopify merchants must notice

According to Shopify's BFCM Shopping Estimate Survey, 67 percent of U.S. consumers plan to shop during BFCM this year (same as last year), with the higher interest shown by shoppers in Italy (up from 84 percent to 86 percent), Germany (up from 61 percent to 65 percent), and Canada (up from 50 percent to 61 percent) in comparison to 2020. The amount that BFCM buyers anticipate to spend in 2021 has increased in numerous nations, including the United States, compared to the previous year.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday data

Customer’s choices

Due to the ongoing effects of Covid-19, shoppers nearly exclusively purchased online last year. While e-commerce plans continue to outpace in-store shopping intentions this year, small businesses must be prepared to reach their clients wherever they buy. In the United States, plans to shop both online and in-store are up 11% from 2020, with 59 percent of shoppers stating they want to do so this year. In Italy, 59 percent of shoppers said they plan to shop both ways (up 10% from 2020), while 50 percent of shoppers in Canada said they plan to shop both ways (up 5% from 2020), 47 percent in Germany said they plan to shop both ways (up 9% from 2020), and 43 percent of shoppers in Australia said they plan to shop both ways (up 6 percent from 2020).

Younger shoppers are driving BFCM social commerce

1. BFCM engages more young customers.jpg

BFCM engages more young customers

According to Shopify's survey, younger BFCM buyers (ages 18-34) are more likely than those 35 and over to purchase an item directly from social media this year. This tendency can be seen in the United States (where 21% of younger shoppers are more inclined to purchase through social commerce), as well as the Netherlands (20%), the United Kingdom (22%), Australia (27%), and New Zealand (27%). (25 percent). It is a great idea to collaborate with sites like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to enable retailers to reach their customers wherever they are as consumers increasingly resort to social commerce.

What can Shopify merchants do to boost sales?

Launchpad allows you to plan ahead for sales and campaign launches.

Pre-schedule any of your flash sales and campaigns with Launchpad before they go live. You can quickly choose which products to promote for your sale, set collection discounts to kick in when the sale begins, and distribute promotions across several sales channels.

2. Launchpad and Shopify Scripts to automate your store.jpg

Launchpad and Shopify Scripts to automate your store

This frees up time spent manually launching campaigns and sales, allowing you to focus on more important things like customer care and experience. All of your manual sales tasks are handled by Launchpad.

Customers are rewarded with Flow, Launchpad, and Scripts.

Shopify Flow will make it simple to reward your consumers, especially if you've used Flow's tagging features to tag them.

You may then decide which clients you want to reward after you've set up procedures to categorize them depending on specific activities. Then, using Flow, you can construct workflows that automatically notify members of your sales and marketing teams, urging them to follow up with thank-you presents, awards, and exclusive offers, among other things. Launchpad also connects with Scripts, allowing you to provide free gifts with orders or free shipping when your order exceeds a specific threshold. This makes it easier to reward your regular customers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Make your feeds more appealing to shopping channels.

Many businesses overlook the need of optimizing products so that they can be found on purchasing channels other than their own website. This results in more clicks and a greater possibility of a noticeable increase across a wider range of channels.

3. Grow Sales with Shopping on Instagram.jpg

Grow Sales with Shopping on Instagram

You should make use of third-party resources such as:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Amazon

  • bay

  • Google Shopping

  • Pinterest

Prepare ahead of time by planning and writing social media marketing pieces.

4. Social media marketing during BFCM.png

Social media marketing during BFCM

Making the process of posting on your social media marketing easier by planning and drafting your social posts ahead of time. Having the time to properly and tactically think out your posts allows for more effective content. Isn't it reassuring to know that you're not under any time constraints? Being prepared and ahead of schedule provides you an advantage and is a smart strategy that should be implemented.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the fancy event. The keys to a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday are preparation, planning, and getting started earlier. These are a few pointers to keep in mind before the year's largest shopping event kicks off. Prepare for it by beginning to plan ahead of time to make the most of this shopping carnival.

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