6 marketing tactics to drive sales on Shopify

6 marketing tactics to drive sales on Shopify


Increasing traffic and sales has always been the concern of Shopify sellers. Here are 6 important marketing tactics that help you drive sales on Shopify.

Upsell products (Incremental sales)

This is a strategy aimed at selling a higher-priced version of an existing product that a customer has already purchased or added new features to. For example, you are looking to buy a laptop backpack but the store recommends you a similar laptop backpack but suggests you buy this backpack with a special warranty package, this is "upsell".

When you upsell your product, you need to pay attention to the following 2 things: The upsell product must be related and better than the original product and the price should be consistent with the customer's willingness to pay. This is a unique sales tactic that not only helps you increase sales, but also creates customer satisfaction. From there, the more customers return to your Shopify store, the more stable sales will be from there.

Integrate Instagram into Shopify store

The average Instagram customer order value is 65 USD. This is a very high number compared to other social networking platforms (just lower than Polyvore - $ 66.75). Additionally, a recent study reported that Instagram generates 25% more customer engagement with brands than other social media platforms. So Instagram is the ideal sales platform, you need to integrate with the Shopify store to increase sales effectively.

Accordingly, you should use multiple #hashtag tags, post at the right times to achieve a higher follow. When marketing on Instagram, you must ensure that your images are eye-catching, engaging, artistic, and actively interacting with customer comments. You can start by running an advertising campaign on Instagram or organizing a minigame program, product-related gifts, combining hashtags to link posts, etc.

Integrate your Facebook store into the Shopify website

With the event that Facebook acquired Instagram, the communication of these two social channels is increasingly effective. So, together with Instagram, you should build a strong fanpage on the largest social networking information platform on the planet - Facebook. The fanpage can help increase traffic to your Shopify sales website, make it easy for customers to reach and increase the coverage of your products. In addition, you can also increase sales by direct orders on Facebook.

Improved order drop rates on Shopify

Lots of sellers have lost sales because they missed potential sales. Order drops are a phenomenon that occurs frequently on online stores and rarely seeks to fix it.

This phenomenon is thoroughly researched by experts: Buyers add your products to your shopping cart, but cancel them at checkout. According to Baymard Institute, 67.45% of shopping carts are canceled before completing a purchase. This could be a third of the potential revenue that you lost due to drop rates. So, you have to find ways to improve sales.

You should care about and solve problems that make customers hesitate in the buying process. You can convince customers with good discounts, free shipping, etc so they can quickly go to the buying and paying step.

To do this, you always have to focus on each individual customer. Track user behavior data on your Shopify store website and take care of every single drop with email marketing. You should create good email content to entice customers to return to your Shopify store and complete a purchase.

Increase subscriptions for email marketing

Email marketing is one of the good tactics to care for and reach customers. This tactic helps increase traffic to the Shopify website, generating better revenue than both Instagram and Facebook.

According to recent studies and surveys:

Email generates a return on investment (ROI) corresponding to 4300% (according to the Direct Marketing Association)

80% of users say that they receive marketing emails every day.

70% of users receive and use coupons and offers from mail.

60% of users say they get a special offer because they subscribe to email from a business.

Therefore, this is an extremely effective marketing tool. Create engaging content or incentives for customers to subscribe to email messages from you. From there, you design effective marketing programs to increase purchase conversion rates on Shopify's website.

Improve your email marketing campaign

First, you need to send regular emails to customers. In fact, there are times when your customers will appreciate emails from you. Typically sending emails to welcome customers to register information on the website or register to receive mail. In addition, customers are also excited when they receive mail notifications about order status, new promotion newsletters, discount codes, tips on saving goods, effective product preservation, etc

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