7 e-commerce mistakes you should not repeat

7 e-commerce mistakes you should not repeat


It is predicted that e-commerce will have a bright but competitive future of retail business. Being successful requires not only smart strategies, proper intellectual investment but also learning from mistakes, not to say costly mistakes. This article discloses 7 e-commerce mistakes that you must avoid when launching an e-commerce business.

Fail to define target group


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Define target customers

The root of e-commerce business success is all about defining target audiences. If you cannot clarify your customers, you will be unable to detect their behaviors, interest, perception as well as their needs. The more specific niche and customers you define, the better chances you can increase traffic reach and encourage visitors to purchase. Conduct market research to understand and position the ideal customers of your e-commerce business.


Poor e-commerce store performance

The poor performance of your e-commerce store can be loading errors, low-quality product images, messy product descriptions or failure to respond on mobile devices. Nearly 80% of smartphone users make at least one purchase in the first month of 2021. About 33.16% of customers are likely to browse a series of product photos, say Shopify’s studies. These numbers clearly prove that proper investment in building and optimizing the smoothness of entire website components is essential if you want to be successful in the e-commerce business.


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Website error is really annoying


Social proof

In fact, the majority of your visitors will carefully read the reviews prior to purchase and these reviews not only influence their decision but also build trust in your brand. If you are running an e-commerce business on Shopify, Wix or any other platforms, remember to install review apps to collect reviews from former customers.


3. Powerful customer reviews.png

Powerful customer reviews

E-commerce market is transparent, if you fail to prove that your products are trusted by the former shoppers, the potential ones have no basis to make up their mind of the purchase decision.


Hidden fee


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No hidden fee guarantees

Hidden fees or other unpleasant financial surprises coming from nowhere will ruin your customer’s experiences and attitude to your store. The blind fee can be some kind of additional shipping fee or tax. This problem can arise unexpectedly from time to time, so what you need to do is to accurately calculate the cost, clearly inform the customers about the incurred amount and share if possible.


Complex checkout


5. Complicated checkout process.png

Complicated checkout process

A complex checkout process will lead to cart abandonment even after your shoppers decide to buy your products. In 2016, an estimated value of about $4.9 trillion was on global cart abandonment and the complicated checkout process contributed 12%. Thus, don’t try to introduce more products at this step, simplify the checkout process and focus on completing this purchase.


No strong store propositions

Simply, the unique value and propositions of your store distinguish your store identity and message will strongly affect the first impression of your audiences when they enter your website. In order to flourish your e-commerce business, you must not carelessly write a not-related introduction, copy-cat logo or scrambled message.


6. Well-written brand proposition.png

Well-written brand proposition


Poor customer support


7. Poor customer service consequences.png

Poor customer service consequences

The biggest mistake that can ruin your e-commerce business is that you are unable to be there when the customers need you. Slow response time, impatience or unhelpful answers will result in current customer loss and a hindrance to get new visitors and ultimately break all of your business. Don’t take forever to answer or send an inappropriate response, be patient and dedicated when resolving the customer’s complaint and concern.


Starting an e-commerce business is enticing and mistakes are a fact of life as well as business. Keep in mind the above seven mistakes then you can change the situation, avoid gloomy e-commerce pictures and thrive your business.


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