7 Shopify Apps To Make Omnichannel Easier For You

7 Shopify Apps To Make Omnichannel Easier For You


Recently, omnichannel has become a favorite of many merchants due to its seamless shopping experience that can satisfy the most difficult customer in the world. 

If you are considering omnichannel retail for your business, check out this article as we will give you 7 apps to make omnichannel easier for you and your Shopify store!

1. AVADA Marketing Automation

1. AVADA Marketing Automation.png

Specially made for those who want to expand the customer list, AVADA Marketing Automation supports automation workflows like Welcome Emails, Cross-sell and Up-sell Emails, Transactional Emails, and Abandoned Cart Emails... Besides, the platform also allows you to send SMS automation and newsletters with the opening rate going up to 98%. Other stunning functions are the Sign-up form, Re-engagement, Double Opt-in, and Email validation that can collect a potential list for your store!

2. Omnisend Marketing Automation

2. Omnisend Marketing Automation.png

Developed by Omnisend, the app impresses viewers with its amazing number of downloads and reviews. It understands the importance of email marketing to your online store and can do many things to make it better, such as the sign-up space or wheel of fortune for people who might forget their password or want to make a new email. 

Furthermore, Omnisend can help you collect customers’ feedback, allow you to design newsletters, and show you a deep insight into sales progress based on the data of consumer history. Download it and Omnisend will never let you down, we promise.

3. Zendesk Support

3. Zendesk Support.png

With Zendesk Support, you can give support to customers just in the blink of an eye. When visitors ask questions related to delivery, billing, or order information from Shopify, those questions will be displayed in the Zendesk platform and sent to your staff so that resolutions could be provided as soon as possible. Another plus point is that customers can get access to the app through every kind of device, from chat, emails to smartphones and social media. You can add Zendesk Web Widget to every Shopify site as well to increase the level of customers’ response and website traffic.

4. JivoChat Business Live Chat

4. JivoChat Business Live Chat.png

It’s no exaggeration to say that Facebook is a good source to find potential customers, and you can turn them into real consumers with the help of JivoChat Business Live Chat. This omnichannel app lets you communicate with visitors via Facebook Messenger and collect their data such as telephone numbers or email addresses… Moreover, the live chat also offers pre-written messages, automatic callbacks, and multi-agents that are helpful a lot when you have to deal with many customers simultaneously. 

5. ShipRelay Fulfillment

5. ShipRelay Fulfillment.png

ShipRelay Fulfillment aims at small to medium size businesses and focuses on delivery, warehouse, and achievement management. The Inbound Labels make it easier for you to buy inbound shipping labels and product tagging; while the Actual-time rate helps a lot in choosing excellent prices from providers in actual time. 

You can also sync the stock to receive outstanding shipping rates and ship purchase orders without worrying about suppliers’ delays. 

6. Endear CRM & Clienteling

6. Endear CRM & Clienteling.png

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) plays an important role in online selling, and this app is an ideal solution for online sellers who want to contribute their reputations with CRM and messaging. 

Endear CRM & Clients supports users to segment customers, after that finding out which group would be the most potential for their store. The app also specifies each of the customers and sends suitable content to them via SMS or emails, letting Shopify merchants approach their consumers no matter where and when they are. If needed, they can even track the sales and make reports of customers’ activities based on the valuable data in their hands.

7. Omnified 

7. Omnified.png

Say, how many in-store browsers have looked at your products but not bought them in the end? With Omnified, you don’t need to worry about that situation anymore! Your staff will be in charge of capturing contact details of those browsers, and Omnified will then send them links to products they’re interested in. There also exists reminder emails and automatic email cancellations once customers make the purchase. To make it better, the app allows you to track staff engagement metrics as well, so why don’t you download and explore how wonderful it is immediately?

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