7 Things Shopify Plus Can Do You'd Better Know

7 Things Shopify Plus Can Do You'd Better Know

With over 100 e-commerce platforms, it’s not an easy task to find the most suitable solution for your online brand. This article will tell you 7 reasons why you should choose Shopify Plus as the new home for your store.

No 1: Unlimited Scalability

Specifically designed for large enterprises and growing brands such as MVMT, Nestle, and Bombas, Shopify Plus has always prioritized its unlimited scalability. With its fully-hosted SaaS platform, you will be assured of 99.99% uptime and great site performance without being impacted. Its servers can handle four million hits per second, and thousands of orders in every minute. Furthermore, Shopify Plus users will get access to innumerous bandwidth and a storage capacity that’s up to 200 TB.

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For stores that want to scale up, Shopify Plus will not disappoint you.

No 2: User-Friendliness

No matter how many functionalities are added, Shopify Plus is still an easy platform to use for everyone. The new version gives you everything needed to manage a store, with the dashboard including most of the important features such as products, orders, apps, customer records, reports, and so on. Within a few clicks, you can finish the process of adding products, taking care of orders, and managing settings.

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No 3: Extended Customization

Without a doubt, a wide range of attractive themes has always distinguished Shopify from other opponents. There are also 100+ premium themes with many customization options available if you want to make any themes by yourself.

3. Extended Customization.png

The Plus version has taken those customization abilities to higher steps, where enterprise brands can use JavaScript and CSS to fully customize the checkout experience besides adding functionality and creating aesthetics for their store. Every theme is responsive, and a new feature named “Sections” (an easy drag-and-drop editor) has made it easier to customize the feel and appearance of your online store.

If you are seeking a deeper design and customization, pay attention to the code of the storefront. It’s not compulsory to learn any code to set up your store, because Shopify, together with its partner network, is there to help you when necessary.

No 4: Powerful Discount Feature

Shopify Plus is a version in which marketing, discounts, and promotions engines have been beefed up a lot. Merchants can apply discounts to every category or product they want, and you can easily navigate the merchant dashboard when you are running a Facebook page or using a WordPress interface.

4. Powerful Discount Feature.jpg

With the Shopify Scripting feature, here are some suggestions you can adopt to customize discounts:

  • Free shipping
  • Discounts based on the percentage
  • BOGO discounts for particular products
  • Tiered pricing so that VIP customers can receive special discounts

No 5: Devoted “Success Manager”

One of the most outstanding areas of Shopify is customer service. It provides an excellent level of support for merchants with the service available 24/7. More than that, every Shopify Plus account will get a devoted “Success Manager”, whose services include:

  • Designing modifications
  • Supporting regional store setup
  • Supporting custom integration for every marketplace
  • Supporting internal suggestions and feature requests
  • Supporting internal expansion, which includes currencies and languages
  • Designing strategies to reach your business goal
5. Grind With Jordy Heis, A Shopify Plus _Success Manager_.jpg

Grind With Jordy Heis, A Shopify Plus 'Success Manager'

No 6: Shopify Pay

Shopify Plus is a wise choice for brands with many returning customers. It saves the information of customers’ credit cards, addresses, and other billing information so that the checkout process becomes easier and faster. The number of required fields has dropped from sixteen to two, leading to the reduction in friction and improvement in conversions.

Shopify also offers your customers countless payment options, such as Amazon Payments, Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Cryptocurrency.

6. Shopify Pay.jpg

Shopify Plus’s built-in payment gateway doesn’t ask for the transaction and additional fees, with more than 70 payment gateways to select.

No 7: Wholesale Functionality

At Unite 2017, a new Wholesale platform was launched in Shopify, allowing enterprise brands to run different websites from their Shopify account. Thanks to that, users don’t have to suffer from higher monthly fees and additional costs when they run a separate account and standalone store.

7. Wholesale Functionality.jpg

We have also made a detailed comparison between Shopify vs Shopify Plus. Check out the article if you are hesitating between those two.

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