7 trending products to sell online in 2021

7 trending products to sell online in 2021


Choosing the right product to sell plays a crucial role in every business. No matter how effective the marketing strategy is or how customizable your websites are, you still could not gain huge benefits if your product is not on the trend.

In this article, we would like to uncover 7 products that will bloom in 2021. Check it below!

Peel-off Face Masks

Basic as it might sound, cosmetics have never been an outdated idea as almost every generation considers appearance as their major priority. Recently, peel-off face masks seem to be on-trend with an average of 30,000 searches per month (according to Keywords Everywhere’s data). On Youtube, we have 5.3M views for 20 top videos related to “peel-off face masks”, showing an increasing interest in this beauty product.

1. Peel-off Face Mask.jpg

If you consider this item, pay attention to visual platforms like Youtube or Instagram. Co-operating with influencers is a good idea as well to boost sales quickly and greatly.

Nail Polish

With expected revenue of $15.6 billion by 2024, designing nails is a new trend among teenagers and adults nowadays. Some products related to this industry are enamel, lacquer, and varnish.

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Similar to face-off peel masks, the best platform to advertise nail polish is Pinterest and Instagram. Besides, Pinterest can play the role of an inspirator for shoppers as well due to its diverse nail experiments and fashionable designs.

Yoga Mats and Exercise Bands

The temporary shutdown of gyms and the raising awareness of people have stimulated the demand for yoga mats and exercise bands. On average, there are 191,000 searches for the former while the latter receives 673,000 searches for a month.

3. Yoga Mats and Exercise Bands.jpg

Here are times when people are likely to buy these things most:

  • In January and February when they want to F5 themselves in the new year
  • In June when they start an outdoor lifestyle
  • In November and December when they buy presents for their families and friends

Board Games

With 673,000 searches a month, board games are surely an entertaining product that is favored not only by children but also by adults. Moreover, research from Google Trend shows that the peaking season of this product usually varies from March to June each year.

4. Board Games.jpg

Some advantages brought about by board games are: helping people relieve stress, connecting everyone, and not involving TV screens - a big plus when compared to other traditional methods like TV or video games. That’s why it could gain such enormous popularity and will bring lots of profit for you in 2021.


5. Blankets.jpg

This product is on the list due to the warmth and coziness it creates for your house during cold weather. Research by Future Market Insight shows that from $6.6 billion in 2018, blankets will reach a value of $9.9 billion by 2027. As a result, they are worth a try for entrepreneurs with not very much capital in hand.

Customers tend to look for blankets which are modern, fashionable and beautiful enough to make their house lighter, yet still warm and comfortable at the same time. Therefore, wool blankets are often sold out more than ones made from polyester or cotton. You can also partner up with some print-on-demand companies and make blankets based on each customer’s preference and taste.

Laptop Skins

If you aim at products related to laptops, then laptop skins are a wise choice. They became a trend in 2016, 2019, and also last year - 2020. On average, the phrase gets approximately 33,100 searches each month, with “laptop skins for Dell” reaching nearly 3,000 and “laptop skins for HP” reaching more than 6,500.

6. Laptop Skins.jpg

According to Google Trends, you could target some countries like India, Pakistan, Canada, Australia, and the UAE. In America, laptop skins are hot in New York, Virginia, Iowa, Connecticut, and the District of Columbia.

Kayak Accessories

With more than 10 million kayakers in the USA and still increasing by 12.9% per year, Kayaking keeps trendy year by year and seems not to lose its position in at least 10 years. Selling Kayak accessories, therefore, is not a bad idea, and you could consider some products like sun protection, seats, flags and lights, PFD (Personal Floatation Device), fishfinder, and so on…

7. Kayak Accessories.jpg

Kayak accessories are found most in pre-summer months and after the holiday season. During these times, you could boost sales in several ways such as:

  • Running Facebook ads or using Instagram tags and stickers
  • Making guidance for kayaking beginners
  • Advertising product demo
  • Writing some blogs related to a kayaking adventure
  • Targeting ads to potential shoppers in Google Search and link them to your online shop

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