8 Best Shopify Themes for Jewelry Store for 2022

8 Best Shopify Themes for Jewelry Store for 2022


The presentation of jewelry is highly important in the jewelry industry. You will have everything you need to convey the value and quality of the jewelry to your customers if you choose the right Shopify Jewelry theme. 

There are many themes available on Shopify that can assist you in building a glitzy and shining online jewelry business. For your Shopify business, I've chosen some of the top jewelry themes for you to browse through in this article.

1. Elle

Ella is a potent Shopify multipurpose theme with over 21,000+ sales that was created with clothing and fashion retailers in mind. It is a complete Shopify themes for jewelry Store that extends the functionality of your store with cutting-edge features and a well-designed, responsive layout. 

1. Elle Shopify Theme.jpeg

Elle Shopify Theme

It includes beautiful layouts and designs that enable you to construct your jewelry store with a unique perspective. On the other hand, you get access to 99+ content blocks that provide a great platform for you to highlight your business. 


  • It includes a variety of mobile headers that enable users to rapidly navigate to various sites. 

  • It offers 8 distinct big menu layouts and lovely kid themes.

  • By showcasing commonly bought-together and upsell bundles with discounts, it dramatically increases your sales and conversions. 

  • You may reach a worldwide audience by offering your products in a variety of languages and currencies.

2. Blackery

Blackery is a flexible Shopify themes for jewelry Store that can be used to sell clothing and accessories. The theme's adaptability, speed, and ease of navigation make it well optimized for providing a rich consumer experience and removing friction spots. 

2. Blackery Shopify Theme.png

Blackery Shopify Theme

It includes 100 preconfigured homepages that enable you to rapidly and without any coding create your online jewelry business. Additionally, it speeds up page load times because only when your consumers can see the photos will they be loaded. 


  • It enables you to instantly show customers the filtered results without needlessly refreshing the website. 

  • It enables you to add a free shipping bar that encourages customers to spend more in order to avoid paying exorbitant shipping costs.

  • It shows real-time purchase notifications that make customers more likely to make a purchase. 

  • When a consumer reaches the bottom of the page, the products are loaded automatically, enabling unlimited scrolling.

3. Jewelry Responsive Shopify Theme

Jewelry is a premium Shopify jewelry theme that was developed by Shopify specialists and allows you to construct the opulent jewelry business of your dreams. Because merchants may translate their storefront in whatever language they choose using the Shopify language editor, this theme enables internationalization. 

A full-screen slideshow showcasing your quickly selling jewelry collections can increase brand engagement. Another benefit is that you may easily and hassle-free set the background and colors for headers, footers, and other modules.

3. Jewelry Responsive Shopify Theme.jpeg

Jewelry Responsive Shopify Theme


  • By utilizing Google-rich snippets, it optimizes your jewelry website for good search ranks. 

  • You can use slider effects to display related products. 

  • It provides a variety of layouts so you can present your jewelry collections in a beautiful and elegant way.

4. Elessi 3

Elessi 3 is a cutting-edge Shopify themes for jewelry Store that enables you to create your ideal online jewelry business without writing a single line of code and has achieved more than 1500 sales. It is simple to use and has beautiful features that are solely devoted to improving the conversion rates of your store. 

The additional eCommerce capabilities in this adaptable Shopify theme make your jewelry store a terrific location to shop. The best part is that it works with Growave, a comprehensive Shopify marketing platform that lets you manage referrals, loyalty programs, rewards, and much more.

4. Elessi 3 Shopify Theme.webp

Elessi 3 Shopify Theme


  • It contains a strong theme options panel that assists in efficiently managing your online store settings and makes sophisticated features accessible. 

  • To increase conversions, you can include trust badges, sales notifications, timers, upselling, and other features. 

  • It offers a variety of single product page designs to showcase your jewelry items to their fullest.

5. Corano

The well-liked Shopify themes for jewelry Store Corano is equipped with the potent features required to create a successful jewelry business. The fact that it offers 9 different RTL versions is its strongest feature. This means that your jewelry store can function in a variety of languages and appeal to a variety of global customers. 

5. Corano Theme.webp

Corano Theme

You may instantly customize the elements with its drag-and-drop page builder without being constrained by imagination. Additionally, you can quickly arrange your jewelry products according to categories like best sales, gold, bronze, etc., which will make your online store stand out.


  • On the homepage, you can display several types of jewelry using the product sliders that are available. 

  • Both dropshipping and affiliate product operations are compatible with it. 

  • It gives you the option to select the view mode on category pages, such as list view, grid view with columns, etc.

6. Jewelry Shopify Theme

The Jewelry Shopify Theme is a clean, responsive Shopify theme with distinctive, expertly created components. It ensures quicker page loads and is SEO-optimized, both of which tend to enhance your customers' experiences. 

With its chic section and page layouts, you can create a captivating jewelry store that represents the majesty of your brand. Additionally, you may include dynamic checkout buttons, countdown clocks, and product sales labels to entice customers to buy reduced accessories from you.

6. Jewels Theme.png

Jewels Theme


  • Using its multi-level navigation, you may add eye-catching pictures and advertising banners. 

  • Even for guest users, it enables wishlist addition without navigating away from the current page. 

  • It allows customers to compare up to 8 products at once to help them make the best decision.

7. Ruby

Ruby is a sleek and easy-to-use Shopify themes for jewelry Store that gives you limitless design options to help you build a stunning jewelry store. The norms of contemporary web design are likewise adhered to by this responsive Shopify theme, which responds to the likes and preferences of your audience. 

7. Ruby Shopify Theme.jpeg

Ruby Shopify Theme

To draw visitors' attention right away, you can display larger, brighter graphics by using a custom banner slider. This theme comes with a variety of special features, so all you need to do is install it with a few clicks and start using it.


  • It provides more than six pre-made layouts with various styling possibilities. 

  • If your store is undergoing maintenance or wants to debut an exciting new product, it enables you to develop pages. 

  • You can add all categories, including new, featured, best-selling, etc., in the product slider that is available.

8. Anamika

You may create a lovely jewelry storefront with the user-friendly Shopify themes for jewelry Store Anamika. It includes a particularly created shop page that bestows visibility on your jewelry and accessories. It maximizes the reach and potential of your online store and is also SEO-optimized. 

8. Anamika Theme.jpeg

Anamika Theme

It enables you to include unique product tabs that help your jewelry store look and feel better. This Shopify theme is jam-packed with gorgeous visual components, fantastic color schemes, and smart layouts that significantly boost your brand's worth and sense of pride.


  • You can incorporate dynamic checkout buttons that force users to make purchases without adding items to their cart. 

  • It features 7 various mega menu designs that may be easily customized with icons and background graphics. 

  • It provides an ajax search option that loads the search results without refreshing the page.

There are a ton of Shopify themes on the market, but choosing the one that best suits your company's needs can be challenging. To assist you in making a decision, I chose only the top jewelry themes rather than compiling a lengthy list of themes. Please get in touch with us if you have used a nice jewelry theme that isn't featured here and would like to offer your recommendations.

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