8 ways for ecommerce merchants to create new content for Holidays

8 ways for ecommerce merchants to create new content for Holidays


Investing in creativity ahead of the holiday seasons like Christmas, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, etc is a key to the sale's success. Second, in order to drive sales, retailers' creative approach has become a fundamental performance lever. The problem today is that many organizations have not arranged their creative teams to respond quickly to global and local consumers. Following are the recommendations of our experts on how to refresh and create one-of-a-kind content for festive sales.

1. Seasonal contents

Many sectors rely on the changing seasons, changing weather, holidays, and other fluctuations throughout the year to market their products and services, so seasonal content is critical for businesses all over the world. Seasonal content can be divided into two types: time-based (based on the month or season) and event-based (based on the event) (holidays and other events of note). 

1. Festive vibe from every corner of your store.jpg

The festive vibe from every corner of your store

It's critical to understand which seasons or holidays are good for developing content strategies. While a particular holiday may not appear to be suited for your business at first glance, there may be hidden chances that emerge after some brainstorming and creative thinking. A car tire and maintenance store, for example, might tailor its material to the winter and summer seasons, when drivers require winter tires or new tires for summer road trips. It's possible that people don't think about car repairs on Valentine's Day. Consider Valentine's Day promotion based on advising customers to avoid breakdowns by getting their cars serviced before going out with their significant other.

2. Instructional contents

People may want assistance in visualizing how they might use a thing. Articles that provide instruction can both inform and inspire. While it's critical to include as many valuable facts as possible on your product pages, creating posts that provide more context can assist potential purchasers to discover how your item fits their specific needs. These posts may also provide them with the extra information they require before making a purchase.

Cover basic how-tos as well as innovative applications for your items. You might even want to develop content that is important to your industry but not directly related to your store inventory in some circumstances. If you're a clothing firm, for example, you might want to create articles about the best ways to recycle or upcycle your old items, or about seasonally popular styles and color palettes

3. Gift guides

2. Gift guide by category.jpg

Gift guide by category

If you want to boost your holiday sales this year and in the future, the key is to build holiday gift recommendations that help visitors quickly and simply identify the finest present selections for their loved ones. Holiday gift recommendations attract prospects from every level of your sales funnel, whether you display them on your site, in your email marketing, or with paid ads, and I'll show you how today. You can offer guidance for gifts by Personality, Price or Category, or even make it less boring by Gift Finder Quizzes or Personal help.

4. FAQ

3. FAQ can be useful during bustling holiday sale.jpg

FAQ can be useful during a bustling holiday sale

It seems that FAQ is usually neglected by not only website developers but also customers. However, during the holiday sale campaign, it can be a huge source of information for the audience. Post product comparison charts, sizing guides, troubleshooting guides, and even details about how orders are packaged and delivered, when they can receive the items or how they can change into different sizes, colors, or items — a topic that shoppers are especially concerned about during the holidays and during COVID-19. Additionally, you can prepare the possible questions and answer prior to the holidays. These types of articles can provide valuable information while reducing the workload of your customer service team.

5. User-Generated Content

After all, the holiday season is all about giving and sharing, and nothing drives more shares than user-generated content. Content made by fans, followers, and customers may be a nice reprieve from the barrage of holiday promotions and welcome addition to glamorous holiday marketing initiatives.

4. User-Generated Contents by Starbucks.png

User-Generated Contents by Starbucks

Actively pushing your followers to manufacture or create anything in this way might help you build a stronger bond with them, especially if they're doing something just for you to upload as part of your UGC experience. User-generated images are fantastic, but this Christmas, take it a step further by asking your followers to share videos as well. They not only strengthen the bond between your followers and your brand, but they also help to foster a sense of community at this time of year. According to reports, they also boost a brand's trustworthiness, which is extremely beneficial when vying with millions of other businesses for the attention of Christmas buyers.

6. Interactive contents

The popularity and effectiveness of interactive material is undeniable. It makes your audience feel like they're a part of the brand and that they're respected as a consumer. Customers can participate in polls, contests, and giveaways using social media, email, and pop-ups on your website.

5. Christmas Giveaway.png

Christmas Giveaway

The popularity and effectiveness of interactive material is undeniable. It makes your audience feel like they're a part of the brand and that they're respected as a consumer. Customers can participate in polls, sweepstakes, and giveaways using social media, email, and pop-ups on your website. With appropriate Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, you can use your list's strength to target existing clients on both platforms or identify new contacts who are similar to those who already like you. Or you can consider organically advertising your products on Reddit through the Ask Me Anything.

7. Affiliate and influencer marketing

6. Influencer marketing (1).png

Influencer marketing

Influencer and affiliate marketing are two effective strategies for expanding your business. Both focus on making connections with key industry figures who can assist spread the word about your offerings. Although affiliate marketing and influencer marketing have separate metrics to track, persons who work as influencers can also work as affiliates. It also works the other way around; some affiliates have influencer deals in addition to their affiliate partnerships or work on influencer campaigns for other brands. Influencer and affiliate actions may be carried out by the same person.

8. Spreading goodwill

Is your company supporting a charitable cause? This is the ideal time to bring it up in your social media posts. Promoting your principles is a simple method to earn your audience's trust while also giving back to the community. If your company donates to a charitable program or participates in volunteer work, don’t forget to spread the holiday cheer and the positive influences to your audiences. People are more likely to support companies whose beliefs are similar to their own.

Last words: Remember those viral "Elf Yourself" videos from a few years ago? The interactive app from Office Depot has been downloaded over 92 million times, and the company didn't have to make any of the movies. Although the Office Depot brand isn't as easily shared as, say, Starbucks, anything is achievable with a good idea. Use Office Depot as motivation to go beyond the box if you're worried that your product or service isn't "exciting" enough.

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