Best Shopify Themes For Booking Service

Best Shopify Themes For Booking Service


Shopify isn’t just a place for physical products. Many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the platform to sell digital products and made a substantial profit every year. 

Currently, one trending type of digital product is booking service for a hotel, tourism, restaurant, transport, and more. In this article, we will recommend six booking service themes that are best ranked in June 2021. Check it below!

1. Ap Hotel 

1. Ap Hotel.png

Designed by ApolloThemes, Ap Hotel is a good selection for every e-commerce site of hotel and multi-store. Besides its being responsive to all kinds of devices, the theme attracts users with professional and complicated designs; while yellow-and-white template palettes have created such a simple yet elegant surrounding. With hi-res images, videos, animations, and numerous effects, your products and services will be surely presented in an attractive way. The addition of shortcode functions can save you lots of time and help you add Facebook, Youtube, and Font Awesome without any difficulties. 

2. Hotel

2. Hotel.png

As the name suggests, this product of ThemeTidy works best for websites of hotels and services. It can make your websites much more captivating with the unique designs and high-resolution images of the products. The Hotel theme is compatible with most devices and browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Its inclusion of social links and social sharing buttons helps a lot in attracting people who use social media to your sites. The best thing is that you can set up your sites without advanced technical knowledge, so why don’t you give it a shot with this awesome theme?

3. Sushi

3. Sushi.png

Sushi (developed by BuddhaThemes) is specifically made for restaurant e-commerce sites. It works perfectly on every available screen, and you can also utilize Mailchimp to display Newsletter Subscription. Furthermore, the shipping calculator feature can estimate the shipping cost and time in a blink of an eye, therefore providing the best service for your potential customers. 

4. Ap Chopin

4. Ap Chopin.png

Ap Chopin is another product of ApolloThemes, yet its scale is larger when compared to Ap Hotel. With five different templates, Ap Chopin can be fitted for e-commerce sites of restaurants, hotels, spas, fashion stores, accessories stores, and bonsai stores. The stick-to-top menu plays the role of saving visitors’ time when scrolling up; whereas the support of multi-currency is useful in boosting sales with foreign customers. The theme gives support for three Shopify applications, and customers can enjoy the most pleasant experience with many animations and effects in Ap Chopin. 

5. Ap Eco Green

5. Ap Eco Green.png

For stores of tourism, Ap Eco Green is worth considering due to its various design templates to choose from. The powerful combination of colors, banners, sliders, and layout results in an eye-catching look for the stores; while a full-width slider and banner can promote your new arrivals and promotion programs. In addition to supporting HTML 5, CSS 3, bootstrap 3, and more, Ap Eco Green also provides social networks and blogs to showcase the coupon code and run sales programs. It’s no exaggeration to say that Ap Eco Green is an effective weapon to generate sales for your online stores.

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