Black Lives Matter — A matter we all concern

Black Lives Matter — A matter we all concern

This must be a harder time than ever for the black in general and for black merchants in specific. Life has never been easy. Hopefully you’re alright and everything is going well for you. We sympathize with you, share your difficulties with you, and above all, respect your skin color.

We — from Super Watermarks team — want you to know that we love you because of your talent, kindness, enthusiasm and dedication to the community. We hope that you can always get respect and welcome everywhere, in your work and in your life. There is a quote from Gwen Jimmere, Naturalicious that we really like “It’s an absolute duty of every person to make a conscious effort to support black businesses. But, we don’t necessarily want to be supported because we are black. We want to be supported because we are excellent.” We understand you always want to be recognized for your great qualities, not skin color bias. And we are here doing our best to support black merchants on the platform we all work on.


As Shopify is raising a support campaign for black-owned businesses, Super Watermarks is launching a new set of sticker — Black Lives Matter concept. Every vendor can use these stickers to show support for color-skinned communities, as well as create marketing campaigns for new products. Explore now at Super Watermarks.


Keep in mind that whatever your skin color is, we respect and love you. Best wishes to you and your business.

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