Create Simple Passive Income With Super Effect Affiliate Marketing Program

Create Simple Passive Income With Super Effect Affiliate Marketing Program

You may have heard the phrase "passive income" at least once on the news channels. They say that passive income can help you make money while you sleep, making money with very little effort. Is that really great and how to get passive income?

In the article below we will share with you specific information about passive income and one of the simplest ways to generate passive income with the affiliate marketing program of Super Effects application.

1. What is Passive Income

It is income that you do not need to work too much or do not need to work to still have income. Passive income can be obtained from labor or requires very little labor. For example: you have a rental house, every month you do not have to do anything but the rent paid by the tenant still goes into your pocket. If you are the author of a song, you only compose it once, the singers using it will pay you royalties.


However, it should be noted that the concept of "earning income without doing anything" here is the result of hard work and study in the beginning.

2. Characteristics of passive income

A, Passive income is not fixed income

The biggest difference between active income and passive income is the stability of the income. Active income is when you exchange your work for a salary and receive a fixed monthly payment. Passive income depends on many different factors: time, job, field, customer...You can't expect this income to come to you every day, there will be a difference in terms of income. 

B, Can generate multiple sources of passive income

Unlike you going to work every day and waiting to receive your only income, you can create many different sources of passive income.


Passive income is not too restrictive in terms of time and control for you personally. The secret to creating multiple sources of passive income depends on each person and is not the same. But in general, you need to work hard and study hard to achieve.

C, Passive income is not 100% safe

Passive income is based on the initial impact of the source of income, then gradually maintenance and improvement activities so that the source of income continues to be formed.

Passive income does not mean a fixed income, 100% safe, but there are still risks arising. You can't expect if customers buy your products regularly, sometimes you can't sell any products for a whole month. But don't be discouraged.

3. Super Effect Affiliate Marketing Program

There are many ways to create passive income as the two examples above are renting houses and composing music, besides you can also write books, build a youtube channel, invest in stocks,... Those ways require you to have a lot of specialized knowledge and skills to be successful and make money from it.

So we will go into detail about those methods in the next article. Today, in this article we share with you an extremely simple way to generate passive income - join the affiliate marketing program of the Super Effects application on Shoffi.

You just need to do the following steps:

Step 1: Create an account on 


Step 2: Select "Discover Apps" in the menu bar then click on "Apply For Connection" in the Super Effects app


Step 3: Select "Connected Apps" in the menu bar then click "copy referral link"

tempsnip 2.png

Step 4: Share the link you just copied to your friends, acquaintances, and social media channels you are using such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,... Every 1 install from the link you share you will get 10 % of the cost customers to pay MONTHLY ($0.6).

Step 5:  Select "Connected Apps" in the menu bar then click “Request payment” to withdraw money to the PayPal wallet you registered with Shoffi.

The reason I recommend you to do affiliate marketing with the Supper Effects application, not any other application is that:

  • This application is suitable for almost all stores, sellers want to decorate their store with beautiful effects on holidays of the year.

  • The price of the app is quite cheap compared to its great features, the install rate is quite high after they read the app's feature introduction.

  • The minimum cost for each withdrawal is only 10$, much lower than other applications.

If you work hard and make good use of the surrounding relationships, this job can completely bring you a pretty passive income source besides the main job you are doing. Good luck with this program!

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