Experts Marketplace: A Step-By-Step Instruction

Experts Marketplace: A Step-By-Step Instruction


As a business owner, you need to deal with a lot of things, while product quality still needs to be your priority. It’s sometimes might be difficult (or even impossible) to focus on setting up and growing the business, especially for those with limited technical knowledge and skills.

That’s why we have the Shopify Experts Marketplace! Explore it and follow this instruction, and we’re sure that your business will be brought to the next level!

What Is the Experts Marketplace?

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Experts Marketplace is a platform designed to help merchants discover and hire experts on Shopify more easily. Instead of being Shopify employees, those experts are trusted and experienced specialists who offer all of the services for Shopify business owners, including:

  • Store Set-up
  • Visual Content and Branding
  • Content Writing
  • Development and Troubleshooting
  • Expert Guidance

Once you use the service on the Experts Marketplace, the communications and payments between the two sides will be handled through Shopify, so you are somehow protected by this platform.

Before You Start…

No matter what service you would like to use, there is something you need to consider before starting a conversation with experts:

  • Set The Budget: To make a realistic range, visit the platform, see the starting price of the service, and make your own decision after. You can choose between high-priced, mid-priced or low-priced experts.
  • Set The Timeline: When do you want the work to be completed? The answer will help a lot in narrowing down the experts' list for you.
  • Set The Desired Results: What do you want to achieve? The more detailed results you describe, the easier for experts to develop a strategy and satisfy your demands.

Now you’re ready to find out the most suitable professional for your store! The instruction includes four steps in total, starting with...

Step 1: Finding And Hiring Experts

In general, there are two ways for you to contact experts from the Experts Marketplace:

  • Browse Services: The Shopify Experts Marketplace includes six main services, each of which is divided into more detailed categories. There exists filter options on the left side of the screen as well, and you can use them to narrow down the results and scan through individual profiles of the experts. Contact the person you’d like to work with and wait for their responses.

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  • Create A Job: “Create A Job” option is in the top right of the platform. After clicking on it, the platform will bring you to a page and ask you to choose the type of work you need, fill in additional details of the job, and provide some details of the business you’re running.

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After the job is submitted, your information will be sent to the best-matched experts. Those experts will contact you through email if they’re available, and you will decide the best fit for your online store.

Regardless of what way you choose (Browse services or Create a job), bear in mind that you need to notice past projects, experience with old clients, and the social media presence of the potential candidates. Those things will show you an insight into how it would be when working with them.

Step 2: Making A Project Scope

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At this stage, you will provide selected experts with the timeline and desired results you’ve set before. You and they, after that, will make a project scope together. If the experts can not give you a defined process, this might be a sign to consider your choice again.

Step 3: Communicating Throughout The Project

5. Communication.png

Communication is what you need to keep a project running smoothly

At the very beginning of the project, experts need to tell you what you can expect after a period of time, like one week or one month. You, as a customer, need to give feedback to them at different stages and can ask experts to provide visual examples (like screenshots) to give feedback more easily. Tell them you’re satisfied with the outcome, or you want to expand or remove this and this. Everything becomes easier with a picture, especially when you know nothing about technical issues.

It is recommended that you keep all conversations in the Messages of Experts Marketplace, as it will be the only source to resolve disputes (if it happens) between two sides.

Stage 4: Completing The Project

When the project is done, you can go through the site, check it again, and log bugs or anything you feel that isn’t working right. After that, mark it as complete on the Experts Marketplace by following those steps:

  • Go to the Experts Marketplace menu > “Jobs”.
  • Choose the completed job.
  • Click on “Complete job”. You can share the experience here if you like.
  • Choose “Mark as complete”.

After paying the invoice for the job, you can also give feedback to experts and leave a review on the Experts Marketplace. The review will be shown on experts’ profiles as their testimonials, so make sure that it’s as detailed and objective as possible.

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In case the project isn’t as you expected and you’re unhappy with the results, you can contact experts for a refund. If there is a serious dispute, or the experts have violated Shopify’s Terms of Service, you have the right to block them or report your experience to Shopify Support.

Hura Apps - Where Merchants Can Put Their Trust In

Now that you’ve known about this service on Shopify and understood what should be done to get your job finished. However, you are still overwhelmed with the number of experts on the platform, or you just don’t know whether your choice is trustworthy or not? In that case, let’s give Hura Apps a try!

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We have served many popular Shopify merchants around the world and received much positive feedback from our beloved customers. Take a look here to see what customers talk about our service:

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If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking on this link. We will reply within some seconds, and promise to provide the most excellent service for your online store!

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