How to get more followers from Instagram for your Shopify store

How to get more followers from Instagram for your Shopify store


With over 500 million users, Instagram is becoming one of the most dynamic social networks around the world. Knowing how to use Instagram most cleverly will bring a huge audience to your business.

In this article, we will show you how to raise engagement through this network. Check it below!

Utilize Trendy And Popular Hashtags

Why are hashtags crucial? Because they allow users to find your products faster and more easily.

Choosing suitable hashtags, however, takes you some time and effort. It is best when the hashtags are not only relevant but also trendy, so some free online apps like Webstagram or IconoSquare are good recommendations for anyone who is confused and hasn’t known where to start.

Another way to find out suitable hashtags is by stealing ideas from your competitors. Or if you can come up with your keywords, check their popularity by searching directly on Instagram.

Utilize High-Quality Filters

Filters play a golden role in the visual appeal - that’s why Instagram offers innumerable filters for its users. A more attractive photo leads to more likes and engagement for your products.

Nevertheless, you had better choose filters that are preferred by most of the Instagram community. IconoSquare has carried out a survey and here are the top 10 trendy filters currently: Normal (No Filter), Clarendon, Juno, Lark, Ludwig, Gingham, Valencia, X-Pro II, Lo-fi, and Amaro

Choose Right Time To Post

Posting at a time when most of the audiences are active will create more likes and comments. Besides, it will enhance the chance for your posts to be seen by a larger community.

Below is a chart showing the current posting habits of Instagram users. While the black circles show the time you upload photos, the grey ones indicate when your community is active. Through the chart, we can see the best time to post is at 10 A.M, 6 P.M, and around 11-12 P.M.

Chart - Your Current Posting Habits.png

Attract Followers Of Your Competitors

Your competitors have already had a particular number of followers who are interested in your kind of products. Therefore, capturing their attention will waste less time than finding some random accounts outside.

There are some methods to engage with these people, for example:

  • Follow their accounts
  • Like their posts
  • Comments on their photos
  • Share some posts you find interesting (with their permission)

Invest In Sponsored Posts

Unlike the tactics mentioned above, influencer marketing isn’t free but will bring larger audiences for sure.

To get started, compile a list of influential people in your niche. Those people need to meet two criteria: have 20k - 200k followers and possess posts with a high engagement rate (likes and comments). After that, deal at a suitable rate and send them products to review and post.

Organize Giveaways

You can seek potential customers through your followers, and one of the best ways is having a user tag a friend or acquaintance. And how do we achieve that? Well, the most popular method is organizing a giveaway. Let the reward be one of the most best-selling products in your store and require participants to tag their friends and follow your accounts.

The benefit outweighs the cost - you have lost one product but you have thousands of active accounts in return!

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