Important tips to maximize your Shopify sales

Important tips to maximize your Shopify sales


Have you ever come across a website with a desirable number of sales? Have you ever been curious about how they achieve such a great customer base?

Every owner starts from scratch, and success only comes for hard-working and ambitious ones. In this article, we will reveal some keys to boost sales in your Shopify store. Check it below!

Opt-In Form

Many shop owners have recognized the necessity of an opt-in form and used it in their websites. Among those, the most favorable one is a pop-up message showing up whenever a person visits your site.

1. Opt-In Form.png

On average, the conversion rate brought by pop-ups is 3.1%, with the highest number can reach 9.28%. You can seek help through several opt-in creating tools like Sumo, Justuno or Optin Mate.

Live Chat

A new customer is wandering in your store. Great! But imagine that they have something not clear and have to send an email or look at FAQs - that’s so inconvenient and may make them leave immediately.

2. Live Chat.png

Fortunately, everything is much faster and easier with live chat. It is the quickest method to provide customer service and can attract more than 60% of shoppers to go back to a store.

Worth a try, isn't it?

Push Notification

Carts abandonment is a nightmare to shop online owners - but that can be minimized by a push notification! A push notification will be in charge of encouraging customers to revisit their carts and finish their buying process.

Push notification may be in the form of a sound alert or a pop-up on the screen. If you have difficulty with push notification, you can use PushOwl on the Shopify store - it’s very easy to use and at a reasonable price.

3. PushOwl - A Push Notification App.png

Email Campaign

4. Email Campaign.png

Spend one dollar on email marketing and you can expect around $56 in return - that shows how profitable and powerful email marketing is! You can send an email about the following contents:

  • Welcoming new guests
  • Reminding of abandoned carts
  • Recommending products
  • Re-engaging inactive subscribers
  • Updating information about your shop/ company.

However, don’t bombard your subscribers with too many emails! Send what is needful and what your customers really care about.

Social Proof

New customers tend to find reviews before deciding to buy something. Showing them social proof (like reviews or testimonials) will enhance their confidence and trust in your products, therefore increase chances of making sales.

Resharing feedback from customers is a usual idea, or a headline “Join our 50k+ members on Facebook” is another way to show social proof.

Referral Program

Like Social Proof, Referral Program is one way to boost sales through old customers. Referral Program is effective because people believe “real users” more than what you say, especially when the suggestion comes from their friends or co-workers.

6. Referral Program.png

If you are interested in this tactic, ReferralCandy will be a good app for you.

Loyalty Program

Keeping old customers is five times cheaper than finding a new one. Therefore, customer retention is a good tactic without pouring too much money into marketing.

A loyalty program is an incentive for loyal customers, and you could provide them with some free shipping, a discount code or just a quick peek at your new products. All of these will make them feel special and decide to stay with you longer.

7. An Example of Kiehl_s Loyalty Program.jpg

Product Recommendation

Shop owners usually show product suggestions on checkout pages. It’s like a reminder for customers - they don’t realize they need something until it is shown before them. In that case, your recommendation helps a lot and will increase sales by 10-30%, according to Forrester.

8. Product Recommendation.png

However, the suggested product should be compatible with customers’ orders. For example, customers want to buy a $40 coat, so the most suitable suggestion is a $35 dress, not a dress that costs $150.

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