Most profitable e-commerce niches to make money in 2022

Most profitable e-commerce niches to make money in 2022


The previous two years have had a major influence on ecommerce, and many people have just learned how much they enjoy buying online – even when brick-and-mortar establishments have reopened. The trend to online retail continues to gain traction, and you may capitalize on it even more in 2022 by tapping into the most popular ecommerce categories and items.

1. Beauty Products 

Beauty items have long been a strong specialty for ecommerce, which may explain why the market has been gripped by innovation. There's a whole sub-niche of people who are sick of using their grandmother's make-up and skincare, but fortunately for them (and internet merchants), there's a new generation of beauty goods on the market.

1. Beauty products.jpg

Beauty products

The detangling hair brush has recently become one of the most popular items. Someone has found a way to enhance the age-old hair brush, and anyone with long hair will be intrigued. Pimple patches, medicated pads for acne treatment, saw a spike in popularity in 2021, with hints that it may continue into 2022.

2. Vape product

After normalizing vaping as a leisure activity and an alternative to smoking over the previous several years, the business has finally stabilized enough to sustain a large market of items for vape fans.

2. Vape product.jpg

Vape product

Vape pens (also known as e-cigarettes) are the most common product in this category, and they range in price from $30 to over $100, making them suitable for a variety of business strategies. From there, you may cater to your consumer base by offering vape cartridges in a variety of tastes, from classic to unique.

3. Tools and hardware supplies

DIY crafts and home remodeling have seen a boom in popularity as a result of the extra time at home. While ordinary tool kits may appear to be a household requirement, specialist instruments, such as power tools, are increasingly receiving greater attention.

3. Hardware supplies.jpg

Hardware supplies

Power drills and hand-tool cutters, in particular, made Shopify's top trending items list for 2022. The material (e.g., wooden or metal) and pricing tiers of some products can be further tailored to your audience.

4. Lighting Décor

4. Lighting item.jpg

Lighting item

Chic new lighting products, which fall under the area of home décor, are on the increase. The best aspect for merchants is that by selecting the appropriate designs and preferences, they can be tailored to any niche. Neon signs, particularly personalized neon signs, have become increasingly popular in internet searches. Although LED light searches are down from last year, there is still a lot of interest in LED trees, LED vehicle lights, and fairy lights as the new year approaches.

5. Phone accessories 

Another big ecommerce area, phone accessories, has its own sub-niche for the latest gadgets, contraptions, and add-ons that weren't as readily available a few years ago. The current success of TikTok adds in particular to the desire for better phone capabilities.

5. Phone accessories.jpg

Phone accessories

Ring lights are one of the newest fads, and they're ideal for giving professional-level illumination to selfies and video chats. Similarly, phone tripods and mounts (including automobile mounts) are on the increase as a hands-free option to holding your phone while shooting or conversing. Magnetic phone attachments such as chargers and mounts may have outlived their usefulness, but there is still enough interest in them to make them a viable option in 2022.

6. Reusable bottles

Reusable bottles, another byproduct of the eco-friendly movement, are durable after a few years of use. They're appropriate for a variety of customers, from the ecologically aware to those who don't want to spend money on bottled water. They may, in fact, fit into any niche based on the artwork and design.

6. Reusable water bottles.jpeg

Reusable water bottles

Shopify's best-selling list includes vintage ornamental bottles like glass vases and mason jars, in addition to the typical metal or plastic reusable water bottles. While they are better suited to sellers of crafts and secondhand goods (the Etsy crowd), there are still plenty of mainstream alternatives for general merchants.

7. Athletics-inspired clothing

While it's tough to predict design trends, athletics-inspired apparel appears to be on the rise until 2022. This includes not just athletic attire, but also everyday clothing created in the same manner.

7. Athletics-inspired clothing.jpg

Athletics-inspired clothing

Athleisure, which includes designer sweatpants, relaxed-fit yoga shorts, and branded pullovers, is one of the most fashionable right now. Sports bras, which started off as workout gear, are now making their way into everyday casual wear.

Shapewear is a successful product from a few years ago that still gets high product searches now, despite not being in the same sector.

8. Decorative household item

Household products are too wide to be niche, but you may tailor them to your target audience by focusing on certain styles and creative sensibilities. This manner, no matter who your consumers are, you may profit on the specific things that have been growing in internet searches.

8. Home Décor item.jpg

Home Décor item

We assume that every family needs pillows and kitchen towels, but both goods are expected to grow in popularity in 2022. Newer goods, such as weighted blankets, are also becoming increasingly frequent in search results.

9. Home office equipment

It's no wonder that the home office equipment industry is rising, given the amount of remote work done during the epidemic. Even when the majority of the workforce returns to their workplaces, a sizable number of people have made the decision to work from home full-time — and they require furniture for their home office.

9. Home office equipment.webp

Home office equipment

Recently, office chairs (particularly ergonomic chairs) and footrests have become more popular in internet businesses. Similarly, interest in all types of workstations, including sit-stand desks, has grown. These remote employees also require stationery supplies and other office equipment, such as ergonomic mice and a wide range of computer peripherals.

There are a variety of e-commerce categories that might offer a profitable business opportunity. You may utilize a data-driven approach to guarantee that the e-commerce specialty you pick is lucrative for you by using the e-commerce suggestions we've given in this post. Plus, with the e-commerce niches we've revealed, you'll be well on your way to picking the perfect decision. Once you've decided on your ideal niche, you'll need the right tools to get started. The greatest e-commerce systems to help you develop your online business are listed below.

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