Plan your sales strategies betters in this Easter season: 7 tips to drive sales

Plan your sales strategies betters in this Easter season: 7 tips to drive sales

After Christmas, Easter is the holiday when the majority of people are wanting to buy, and the number of individuals looking to buy gifts at this time of year is only growing. To make the most of Easter this year, you'll need to do more than just decorate your physical business; you'll also need to make sure your online store is ready.

1. Click and collect

Easter's biggest issue is that it falls on a different day each year. This implies that many of your consumers may be unaware that Easter is approaching, or may have completely forgotten about it.

1. Happy Easter website.png

Happy Easter website

As a result, it's critical that you cater to last-minute buyers. Offering click and collect on your e-commerce site is essential for individuals who left it a little too late for rapid delivery - forgetting about Easter won't be an issue as long as they can pop in-store and pick up their item the next day.

2. Easter bundle

2. Easter bundle.jpeg

Easter bundle

A bundle or a hamper will always be a safe choice when shopping for Easter related presents, which is why your store may benefit from selling Easter bundles. Gift hampers will not only allow you to give presents that are appropriate for the season, but they will also streamline your customers' experience by allowing them to choose a gift fast without having to browse your store.

Putting together a bundle of your items, complete with a wicker basket, may be a simple yet effective approach to boost sales, whether you provide bundles of hot cross buns, chocolates, and Simmel cake, arts and activities for kids decorating Easter eggs, or goodies and toys for pet rabbits.

3. Easter theme and content

When it comes to increasing traffic to your online business, customizing your content marketing approach to meet the season is an excellent method to draw attention while avoiding the danger of accidentally driving customers away.

3. Easter theme.jpg

Easter theme

Taking into account what consumers will be thinking about in the lead up to Easter and centering your activity around that will help appeal to a wider audience and drive shoppers straight to your website. Whether it's the best destination for a family trip over the Easter weekend or arts and crafts ideas that are perfect for young children, taking into consideration what consumers will be thinking about in the lead up to Easter and centering your activity around that will help appeal to a wider audience and drive shoppers straight to your website.

4. Promotion

Offers and promotions are perhaps the most efficient technique to persuade customers to buy. If you can assist your consumers save money - or make their money go a little farther - that's always a good reason to purchase with your company.

5. Flexible delivery.png

Smaller promotions like "buy one, get one half price" on certain items or a free Easter egg when ordering seasonal products can have a smaller impact on your business while still providing your customers a reason to pick you over your competition.

5. Flexible shipping

When it comes to Easter shopping, the majority of people will be thinking about food, which means you'll need to evaluate your items' sell-by and use-by dates - there's no sense in marketing hot cross buns if they'll be out of date by Good Friday.

6. Gift wrapping.jpg

Flexible delivery

Of course, various things have varied shelf life, but if you're selling perishables for Easter, you might want to consider offering more flexible delivery alternatives. Allowing customers to pick when their purchase is delivered, for example, can assist guarantee that the food they receive is usable when they want it.

6. Competition

Running a competition around a seasonal event is always an excellent way to draw consumers and raise brand awareness, and advertising a competition on social media and hosting it on your website may be a terrific way to bring visitors to your business.

Whether you simply ask entrants for their contact information so you can grow your email marketing list, or your competitions require a small value purchase to enter (as in Coca-Christmas Cola's competition), they can be a great way to raise brand awareness - and perhaps your entrants will see a product they like while they're there.

7. Gift wrapping

6. Gift wrapping.jpg

Gift wrapping

While gift wrapping may not seem like it has anything to do with Easter, many families do exchange presents around Easter and enjoy beautiful wrapping - and there will always be gift givers who would prefer to have someone else wrap their gifts for them.

Allowing customers to have their orders gift wrapped (for free or for a small price) at checkout may sometimes be the final push they need to click 'buy now,' and the more appealing your gift wrapping is, the more likely they are to return to your company for future gifts.

One common technique to prepare your online business for Easter is to replace the images on your site with photographs of bunnies and Easter baskets, but this isn't acceptable for every company. Making the shopping experience as simple and uncomplicated as possible for your consumers (during a time when many will forget they have shopping to do) will guarantee you make the most of Easter this year.

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