The ultimate guide to start dropshipping business

The ultimate guide to start dropshipping business


Dropshipping has been around since the 1960s and 1970s mail-order catalogs. However, it gained prominence in 2010, when Aliexpress opened up the Chinese market to the rest of the world. Dropshipping is now popular in 2021, and some may even say booming!  When we try to penetrate into a market with a lot of different players, it's difficult to break through the ice. So, let's begin with a comprehensive guide to getting started in the dropshipping world.

1. Choose products that sell in large quantities or target entire niches.

Choose a product that a large number of people prefer rather than one that you love. In practice, being emotionally driven in business is not a good idea. Yes, being ethical is important, but it might not be useful in business. 

1. Trending products for dropshipping in 2021.jpg

Trending products for dropshipping in 2021

So, for the best outcomes, make a commitment to locating goods that meet the following criteria:

  • Frequently required.
  • A low-cost option.
  • Have a broad market.
  • Are there any seasonal demands?
  • Items that can be packaged together.
  • There is no brand-based competition.
  • Light weight.

2. How to Conduct a Competitor Analysis

2. Competitive analyses tool - Ahrefs.jpg

Competitive analysis tool - Ahrefs

Dropshipping is a relatively new concept, yet many gamers have been involved for several years. Conducting a competitor analysis will allow you to benefit from their experience. The majority of people skip this step when venturing. However, you should be aware that even the largest corporations and successful individuals do it for a purpose. Three tools and tricks as the following might help you to better know your competitors:

  • Ahref and BuzzSumo: Ahref appears as a valuable competition analysis tool once more. It will provide a list of all referring domains that your competitors are using to drive traffic to their sites. BuzzSumo will then unleash the share-worthy material once you have them. It gathers information on the number of shares on social media in order to determine what generates the most interest.
  • Website of the rivals: Entrepreneurs' all-time favorite trick is the competitor website. 
  • Email Lists: One of the most accurate ways to track their movements is to subscribe to their email lists. You can see when they are having sales or clearing off stock.

3. Investigate and Locate the Largest Number of Suppliers

Following the selection of your products, the next stage is to locate the best suppliers. There are numerous locations where you can find them, and I recommend that you visit as many as possible. This is because before opting to deal with them, you will negotiate pricing, delivery, and all other details.










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4. A Quick Checklist For Selecting Qualified Manufacturers

3. Checking customer service policy of the manufacturers.png

Checking customer service policy of the manufacturers

To make the decision-making process easier, I'll provide some common factors that will help you choose the best shippers. Despite the fact that they are unseen to your customers, they are incredibly important to your business.

  •  Their customer service policy
  • Agreements with logistical companies
  • Good genuine
  • Service insurance
  • Their policy on fraud prevention
  • Online reviews on products

5. Is It Better To Buy Or Build An Online Store?

When it comes to beginning your online store, you have two options: buy it or construct it. Both options will be discussed. To begin, you can purchase a ready-made store from locations such as Exchange. You can search for those that are already listed in the category you want to work in. If you want to establish your firm quickly or capitalize on seasonal demand for your products, this will save you time. This choice will also serve you well if you are not a techie.

Building your own store, on the other hand, allows you to customize it to your heart's content. Shopify is one of the most prominent online e-commerce platforms. It's simple to use, extremely adaptable, packed with features, and routinely updated.

6. A Few Things To Consider Before Start Selling

4. Carefully check some matters before starting.jpg

Carefully check some matters before starting

In this section, a few things to think about when setting up your online store will be introduced. These factors will assist you in achieving the finest results possible. They have a minor impact on total profitability, and many novices are unaware of them. So, to best serve your interests, make sure you go over all of these points: Authority, Domain Name, Maturity and SEO; Website Penalization; Legal Liabilities and Ease of Navigation.

7. An Automation-Based Solution

With time, manually listing products, processing orders, and tracking orders get difficult. This is due to the fact that you must handle a large number of goods in your product list while also keeping pricing current. It's also not always possible to check their availability before confirming an order. All of these reasons indicate that a dedicated automation-based solution is required.

Starting a dropshipping business is simple, but maintaining it is more difficult. The earlier you begin, the better position you will have on the market. So don't postpone it till tomorrow. The market is expected to be considerably more competitive next year.

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