Shopify licensed themes are recommended for any Shopify stores

Why Do You Need Shopify Licensed Theme for Your Shopify Store?


If you're a Shopify store owner using an unlicensed theme, there are several reasons why upgrading to a Shopify licensed theme is an intelligent decision for your store.

Upgrading to a licensed Shopify theme gives you the ongoing support, updates, quality, and features needed to grow your Shopify store successfully. Trusted developers stand behind licensed themes, ensuring your buyers' experience and your store's performance for the long run. Let’s take a deeper look at these reasons in this article. 

What is Shopify Licensed Theme?

A Shopify Licensed Theme is available for purchase through the official Shopify Theme Store. These themes are created and licensed by third-party developers but have undergone an approval process by Shopify to ensure quality, performance, security, and compatibility.

To be available in the Theme Store, they must meet Shopify's strict quality standards. This includes things like speed and performance, responsiveness, feature completeness, ease of customization, etc.

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Differences Between Shopify Licensed Themes and Unlicensed Themes

Shopify licensed themes vs unlicensed themes

Shopify licensed themes vs unlicensed themes

Licensed themes offer numerous advantages in terms of quality, reliability, compatibility, security, and value. They represent a safer, more professionally created option for Shopify store owners. Here are some key differences between 2 types of Shopify themes for your Shopify stores:

Licensed Themes:

  • Developed by experienced Shopify theme developers
  • Undergo Shopify's approval process to ensure quality, performance, and security
  • Receive ongoing support and updates from developers
  • Compatible with all Shopify features and apps
  • Regular security patches and bug fixes
  • More professionally designed with more features and options
  • Continually improved and updated over time

Unlicensed Themes:

  • Developed by inexperienced or unknown developers
  • Not reviewed or approved by Shopify
  • Often abandoned with no support or updates
  • May have compatibility issues
  • Unlikely to receive security patches or bug fixes
  • Basic design with limited features and options
  • Rarely improved or updated after initial release

Other differences:

  • Reliability: Licensed themes are more reliable and secure due to developer support and Shopify approval. Unlicensed themes may break or become outdated.
  • Value: Licensed themes tend to provide more long-term value due to ongoing updates and new features. Unlicensed themes typically offer what you see at the initial purchase.
  • Protection: Licensed themes have licenses that protect store owners' rights to use the theme indefinitely. Unlicensed themes often have no licenses or guarantees.

Why Shopify Stores Owners Must Use Shopify Licensed Themes?

Licensed Shopify themes offer numerous advantages for store owners. Besides, Shopify has just updated their policies on using licensed/unlicensed themes that Shopify store owners should obey to remain active stores. Let’s check it out in this part.

Shopify Policy about Theme Usage (Updated 2023)

Shopify has updated their policy regarding the licensed themes usage

Shopify has updated their policy regarding the licensed themes usage

Recently, Shopify Trust and Safety team has just checked carefully and sent warnings to several Shopify stores using unlicensed themes. From there, all the unlicensed theme versions will be detected as violating the Terms of Services (Section 9)

If you’re using unlicensed themes, you will have to:

  • Purchase a licensed version of the theme from the Shopify Theme Store. After that, you will grant the right to keep using the theme. Check out how to back up Shopify themes.
  • Completely delete the theme from your account, and do not use the theme without a valid license. 

Tips: If you’re hiring a Shopify set up store service and got this licensed issue, you can directly contact your services provider to ask for a licensed theme if your contract included it. 

Peace of Mind

Licensed Shopify themes provide peace of mind through developer support, quality assurance, adherence to best practices, and recourse options if any issues arise. You can trust that an experienced theme development team stands behind the theme to meet your store's needs. In contrast, unlicensed themes offer no such reliability or comfort.

With a licensed theme, you know an experienced team of developers is actively supporting the theme to ensure it performs as needed for your business. This gives you confidence that any issues will be addressed promptly.


Security is one of the priority factors when buidling Shopify stores

Security is one of the priority factors when buidling Shopify stores

Many factors contribute to licensed themes being more secure for your Shopify store, including security testing, ongoing updates, developer expertise, and proper handling of sensitive data. The security of your customers' information and your store's long-term viability depends on using a trusted, secure theme - which means choosing a licensed option from the Shopify Theme Store.


Licensed themes come with a commercial license that allows you to use the theme indefinitely for a single store. This guarantees the theme will remain available for your store long-term.

Therefore, licensed Shopify themes provide longevity that unlicensed themes cannot match. The commercial license and developer support ensure the theme remains functional and up-to-date for as long as your store operates. Licensed themes grow and evolve with your business over the long run.


You think that using unlicensed themes is cost-saving? No, just calculate its value, not the amount of cash. You will see better value on licensed purchases. 

Licensed Shopify themes are designed and updated to provide not only beautiful e-commerce design themes but also ongoing value that justifies their cost. Developers remain invested in maximizing the worth of their themes through new features and improvements. In contrast, unlicensed themes typically offer static value based just on the initial feature set.

Final Words

Shopify licensed themes offer numerous advantages that can make a real difference in the success of your store. With a licensed Shopify theme, you'll be well-positioned to tackle the opportunities and challenges ahead and grow your store successfully in the long run. Don't hesitate to reach out 2-B if you have any other questions about the value a licensed theme can provide or need recommendations on specific themes to consider.


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