"The team is an A+ developer, that are always ready to listen, respond and solve our requirements speedily. They are actually diligent, and doesn't cut corners. They provide professional consultants and implementations. Highly recommended!"

Jasper Deppermann (Marketing & E-Commerce Manager)


There were 4 main objectives that they wanted to achieve via this project including successfully launching an online store in Germany with cost-saving, reaching break-even in the short term, having good revenue via the online store, and increasing brand awareness in Germany via an online website.


They had to surface with some difficulties. In particular, they had run an offline business but it had delayed growth with a small number of local customers. Besides, they lacked deep understanding and technical skills in eCommerce platforms and had ideas for an online store but were confused in choosing suitable eCommerce platforms and did not know how to build an online store.


Initial Project Validation

Our sales teams validated the initial requirements of the project in just 4 working hours via the information provided. Then, we made a meeting with the client to discuss directly to confirm their requirements and consult a solution.


After the exchange with the client, we determined and completed consulting the best-suited solution for them which was the Business Starter-Pro package and it just took 2 days of working hours for the client’s review and acceptance.


We completed the full store setup by arranging the layout and setup on all pages; setting payment method; setting shipping and delivery and the location for the store. Besides, we integrated essential features apps and social channels: TikTok; Facebook, and Instagram.


As our working rule, we also provide a 30-day warranty after delivery. During this warranty time, when running an online store, no problems were happening and the store was running well. Besides, we provided the client with a guideline on how to use the Shopify store (by document and video call for explanation).


The client launched an online store on Shopify successfully after 8 weeks. Besides, the online store had 83 online orders after 1 week of launching, and their average revenue has reached $5,000 up to now via the online store.

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